The Power of Choice

Yoga Center Westlands Nairobi   To have real power is to be able to make your own choices at your own consent. And being able to make your own choices is the first step to being responsible. Knowing that you face all the repercussions from the decisions you made without pointing fingers to other people.... Continue Reading →


When they disapprove of you and you feel sad

Make peace with yourself


Allow yourself some time to sooth yourself into feeling better as soon as you feel a little off. Perhaps a comment from someone, expectations from others or something you have done has triggered you to feel bad about yourself and your life.It is ok! It is alright. It is only natural to lose your emotional balance when you listen to or look at things that don’t match how you desire them to be. That is ok. The important part now is that you make peace with where you are, make peace with your body,make peace with your health, make peace with your love life, make peace with your family, make peace with your job, make peace with all your mistakes, make peace with everything. Just mentally make peace with it and lovingly sooth yourself into feeling better.Making peace with it is the first step, the second one…

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School me longer!


Do you believe more schooled girl-children turn out to be more all-round, attached and focused world-citizens?

A boy peeps into an empty classroom at his primary school as a nationwide strike by Kenyan teachers demanding a salary increase left most learning institutions paralyzed, in Nairobi

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Personally, I highly believe so because for one thing, I’ve witnessed it happen over the years I’ve lived. Basing on the motherly figures I grew up with around me, I managed to witness first-hand what true education can do to change the world. My mother managed to bring it to my attention that it’s not about the number of classes one has sat in but the summation of the knowledge they’ve accumulated over their entire life and daily experiences, as well.


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I managed to volunteer actively in the field of Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights of young people during 2015 and what I came across was simply amazing. Most of all, I got to appreciate that many young girls, out there, do what they do simply they haven’t…

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The Rules of Money. Part 2

Part II Getting Wealthy. (Hello, here are more rules of money from @Richard.Templar's book 'TheRulesofMoney). Read through them carefully. You never know which one is going to be your biggest insight tonight. Enjoy your read!) Refer to the previous blog post to find part 1. Rule: 20 You’ve Got to Know Where You Are Before... Continue Reading →

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