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Yes! I cried at its end and I don’t even know why. But I cried. Was it the plot? The characterization or the talent showed by the cast? The cinematography or what? I don’t know. I must be overly emotional or just too good a person. Because my tears count and I loved this film! This film made me cry. I don’t think I am going to escape saying this very line for almost every film I am going to blog about, but this Film is quite something! Tragedy.

It’s the irony that got me thinking first. A GOOD CATHOLIC GIRL… So here I am thinking that this film is about some zealous catholic girl only to realize that most of the characters are Moslem. Amiina is a good Moslem girl who hopes to become a Good catholic girl because she is in love with Brian and he has never forced her to do anything and etcetera. Yet, Amina is challenged by her father who disagrees with her choice… Find out how it ends.

I won’t be the spoiler but hey, the film is great. I am working on my cinematography eye and I don’t think there is much I would like to point out as a critique.

The plot is incredible, as I even cry when all goes wrong for my Amina. I love Brian, I l am literally in love with every bit of the film. I almost screamed at a certain editor who was destructing me half-way through my concentration.

And this is what got me going about researching about who Matt Bish is. What is the production? Who are his Cast? This film is a 2011 production. Yet still, it transcends all time.  Check it out in the link below or my YouTube Channel where you will find these films. In my other posts, I will be giving details about this director and the entire cast.

As much as there is plenty of annoying film productions out there, there are good ones as well and that fact cannot be ignored.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Characters: Perfect
  • Language: Excellent
  • VideoGraphy: Excellent.
  • Plot”: Incredible.

As though this is not enough, the story is biographical, based on true tragedies.  And the content is everlasting, designed to transcend one generation to the next. Because it addresses the problems that are not only existent in modern society but have also existed in the past and will in the future.




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If you have watched some Ugandan movies, then you would know what it means to have a movie ruin your day. That moment when you are excited because the title and trailer say so: only to have yourself faint at the screening of the movie. Well, even though the Devil’s Chest has its flaws, it is not one of those films that will make you wish you had stayed in bed.

Apparently Hassan Mageye, this movie’s writer and director, is one of the best directors in East Africa. He is known for movies such as The Tailor (2015), Galz About Town (2015), and Ugandan Pollock (2016). A close informant also mentioned to me that this man must have collected more awards than any other director within the entire East African region.

Take the Devil’s Chest for example. Film got about eleven nominations for the Uganda Film Festival Awards; including:

  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Feature film
  • Best Screen play
  • Movie of the year
  • Best Costume
  • Best Sound
  • Best Editing and post production.

When I first started watching the movie, I got the feeling that this was going to be another replica of Beasts of No Nation. But later it proved me wrong. I could however not avoid the urge to note down a few things that to me were a little off even though these were later over shadowed.

  1. I thought that some of the actors lacked passion. What they said did not correspond with how they said it, if one said to the partner how and why they could rescue  Amon (a character in the movie), they both acted as though there was some refrain.  As though something was holding them on the inside. Telling them not to do what they were saying. In my opinion, there was lack of conviction as of whether they even had the courage to do what they were saying. So I could not develop any personal convictions either. Their passion for rescue was on the surface. Complimented by the body language. I couldn’t feel it any deeper than they said it.
  2. Some lines seemed like stage. Like they had been recited for Drama or stage. I have the audacity to say this because when I personally attended some auditions for acting, one of the judges later revealed to me that what I had done was stage acting. Not film. So from my observation, some of these lines were obviously recited. Not natural. Yet this is film. Not poetry.
  3. The accent of some of the characters was a little off. I do not think this was the intention of the director. But the way the message was delivered made me think so.
  4. I am not a film maker. So this is a question out of curiosity. Perhaps a cinematographer might have a better answer. Was the whole film based on close-up shots? Because as much as I loved the imagery and video-graphy,( believe me this film was good). But hey, I thought some scenes were better off as wide or medium shots. That’s to your judgement. Or leave me an educative note in the comment section.
  5. Local Dialect. Now I wish the film was fully in local dialect. Because like I said before, some of the character’s English made me??? Question the film. The Swahili seemed so natural, plus the other language. Must have been Acholi or Lango or another. But that was fantastic. I loved both the protagonist and Antagonist’s English.

Moving on from that, I think the story was awesome, Choice of Title? Incredible!   I loved the fact that Kony had a heart that loved this woman. His words to her were really deep and touching. (Why did he say to the BBC Press that they did not murder civilians?), the sound or background music was fantastic, the scene where the rebels sing ***We are Matching, killing etc in the will of God was Hilarious. I mean the dark humor was fantastic! So at the end of the day, the beauty of this film washed away all my anguish. And it was a win-win.

Damn! I loved it! Please leave your comment about article or film in the comment section below. And  watch trailer BELOW. Enjoy!





So it was one of these days when I visited Maro at his Volume-Up

Studio at Tirupati Mazima Mall that I couldn’t leave the place without catching a quick interview with him. Yes, of course I won’t go through details of how it all happened, but what you need to know mostly is here.  Because many a times you will run into a musician and you will realize you made the wrong move. Maybe you walked a little too fast you should have stepped back a little. But hey, that’s not Ronald Maro Kyabazinga (#Maro). At least, not that’s not the character that I know.  Apparently he is the only musician on my list so-far who does not do drugs of any kind. By this I mean even booze/alcohol included. Yes. Maro doesn’t booze. I see you reading this thinking to yourself that you know an upcoming who smokes, drinks, and perhaps insults because who denies? Dude is gonna be a star and whatever… Ha-ha.IMG-20170831-WA0065 (This gets some Girls worried Maro won’t buy them anything when they run into him at the Club. Don’t worry. Maro will. He will get you the drink you want, he just won’t drink)

  1. Me: What do you want the people to know mostly at the moment?

Maro: The Nziranago Concert on 23rd September 2017 at Dam Waters opposite Lafta. Yes, that is a must attend.  Even though, I think this is a general question and the reason I am saying its general is that, I would love the people to know about the concert, for people to know about the brand MARO, what I represent, and I would love my people to be represented in a way that I am trying to do it. A different way of representation ie through music, art, etc, So  I am trying to show them that and I Want people to also remember it. To remember the moments. The concert, and how many people were brought together because of the concert.  The concert is not the D-Day on 23rd, The concert starts from the tours we have been doing in ten districts of Busoga. Districts of Kidera,Hospitals, Having matches with local teams, Having upclose, one on one when I am not on stage. So we went to Buyenge, Kamuli, Luka,  Mayuge, Bugiri, then we go to Namayingo, Namutumba, Jijnja and Iganga. We are also doing CSR, forexample there is a kid we are giving a scholarship for primary etc. So what I want people to know is why I am doing what I am doing.IMG-20170830-WA0043

  1. Okay, what does Nziranago mean and what inspired you to do this particular song?

Nziranago is a message to the youths and the old but mainly to the youths. The sentence Balibona Nziranago in Luganda  is Balinda lwe ndiba sigalina,  and in English it is, they will wait until I am nolonger in control.  Sigalina Amanyi, I don’t have the energy or the influence. So the old tend to tell us things but we take them for granted because the old are simply the old. In this song particulary, I am in the seat or shoes of an old man or woman and I am saying, they are waiting for the time when I don’t have influence, then they will tarnish my name, sell my land and food etc.  So they are waiting for that moment when I am old and I can’t even dance. That is the message in the song. Because, the youths tend to not listen till you are on a death bed and then they start to say, ‘I wish I knew’.

What Inspired me to write the song, as you pick from the second verse, I talk about my grandpa. He was a very wise man but the kids didn’t listen to him say some things. So at the end, when he was on a death bed, he wrote a will and testament, trying to defend his work/worth. He signed on them and this left a message that however much people are separated, they can still listen. Because in his weak moments no one cared but when they read the will and testaments’, they started to realise that he had been right telling them whatever he had yet they hadn’t paid attention. That’s what inspired because I learned that one can make decisions and take control of another’s life without the other party realizing the case.

  1. Is there, among your songs, any that you would pick up on as your favourite and why?

Yeah, I have Biwewo and Kyokoba  because, these two songs are a turning point. When I did Biwewo and went to Jinja, people asked me if I was really a Musoga and I also walked on foot to promote this song myself in Busoga. I went to Jinja, and the next months I went back, it was all-over and everyone was wondering who the guy was. Later, I bring up a piece in Luganda and then I go back to bring Kyokoba and then my audience realised that I was not joking. I was a Musoga, I loved my country side. I loved where I come from. That’s why I love those two songs.IMG-20170831-WA0062

  1. Which Ugandan and International Artistes inspire you? Would you like to be like them?

Well, talking about Uganda, the person who inspired me was Maurice Kirya and he still inspires me because he’s still held his game together.  He represents himself as a brand. He inspires me and he still my mentor because he didn’t change. He saw me doing music, he still advised me and pulled me closer, unlike other people that I had met. When I was at Cineplex, I was starting out and they could go ‘Man you can sing’ but when I made the first song, they started to push me away in a way. Yeah. So it’s Maurice Kirya.

Then internationally, well I don’t know. I love John Legend but the thing is, I am inspired by people like Anthony Hamilton… I feel like they are magical the way they sing (that particular song called Carlin). I still believe what they did to me was magical.


MARO: YEAH. ABSOLUTELY!  Absolutely! It’s just that I am now a brand. So I take what I have and use it my way. I am like them in a way, I do things like them, but the way I understand them. For example, we have a lot of musicians who copy exactly what the other guy did. But again, you may not have exactly what the guy has, you may not look like him, you don’t really have what he has, but if you learn from him, the why not incorporate that into the economy that have presently? Bring it down to the society that you are living in. You take what you can afford. Or you take what you have and just pick his way of thinking. His perspective.

  1. Is your singing a full-time job?

Uhm, well yeah. It is my full time job. I have been singing and I gave my life to music since 2007 and I have been living my life like that.

  1. What do you use your extra time for?

Extra time, I am researching on how to Make myself better, I watch comedy, I watch movies. I am a YouTube fun,  and yeah. Basically that’s it.

(ME: You said you like movies, what’s your favorite movie?

MARO: Ha-ha. I don’t know if you watched ‘THE DEPARTED’?

ME: ohw… Silence.(Ha-ha… You should have seen me gazing at the ceiling. I have not watched this one yet.)

  1. Maro, so many young people look up to you, what words of wisdom do you have for them?

Young people should focus and when you say focus sometimes we tend to focus on the harder things. But sometimes there is an easier way.  It’s like saying, I want to buy a car. And a big one. Why not start with a smaller one? I want to be big in East Africa, why don’t you start with your city? Your county? the parish, the country, etc. So dream big, but start small and this goes out to even those who are trying to invest somewhere. Business can be hard but you can start small. We all started small. That’s the advice I can give them. And also, stay in school. School is good. It may not be the knowledge out of there but how about the knowledge to survive in a society. So stay in school, work hard.

Other Musicians coming with Maro for Nziranago Concert.


Okay, so you have heard what Maro has got to offer and you know who else is coming with him, now let’s meet at Dam Towers on 23rd September for the NziraNago Concert. And don’t forget to share this with your colleagues. It’s Nziranago.

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Ten little things every Christian traveller must always carry.

Well, this may not always be a requirement only the Christian needs but being a Christian blogger, Yes. My list might be a little biased. And I can’t list whatever you need when you travel, but these little things are easy to forget.

  1. Your Bible

As a believer, your life depends on the word. It’s how you grow. The word is your daily meal. This is why you must always carry your Bible with you. It’s for your personal benefit, a reminder of the choice you made when you chose Jesus. (If you are non-Christian, carry the Holly book for your religious dominion) Make sure your choice is portable and comfortable.

2.A thick cotton scarf and a hut. Some people I know think you must be asthmatic to wear a scarf. Honey you’re wrong. Yes. You might be up-to date with the weather forecast, but there is a time you planned to camp in a place only twelve hours but you found yourself staying for 48hours and you hadn’t even planned for day two.

3.A torch. I really don’t need to give you a lecture about this. Just because you come from New York City where every other day you have power doesn’t mean the case is similar allover the globe. As a person who travels a lot within Uganda , I know that not every other little village out there has power. And sometimes it’s just off. So who guarantees that the tent you are crashing at at this particular safari park, has power bright enough to allow you scheme trough your journal or novel? A torch just makes your life easier.

4.A pair of shades. We all know what this means. It shines slot where I come from. Sometimes it’s windy so you need your shades, that you don’t look like you are at the verge of tears. And fashionably, you’re in for a swing. Actually, who says Christians shouldn’t be fashionable?

5.A Christian booklet. Yes. It’s like waiting in a queue for the next person to get whatever they came for at some random store. Or going for some auditions and you have to wait for twenty eight other girls to go before you. You know your lines. So what next? Read that Rhapsody of realities you came with. You need some Divine wisdom in your head right now. You need to know God is working. So this is a traveller’s way. You can’t walk that plain. Come on!

6.A lighter.

Don’t even dare to think that this is about the pack of cigarettes your grand pap has always walked around with ever since he retired. Maybe slightly yes, if you’re travelling with the entire extended family, but this is about your survival during the expedition or scouts trip in the northern Volta. Yes. Just know you will need that fire for some reason.

7. A sweater


8. Simple shoes/ sandals or even sneakers

9. An extra pair of pants. (I advise baggy and comfortable)

10. A pair or two of socks

The reason for all the above is pretty obvious and if you don’t want to believe me, still, just pack them before you set off because sweetheart, believe me you will need each one of them.

Feel free to add another requirement in the comment section below, and enjoy your travels! I am off for mine!

Au revoir!


You won’t believe it. This company employs a group of people with disabilities like no other..

It’s funny how many a number of times we focus on our major desires, but forget those of others… but this company swept me off my feet.

I was travelling with a photographer friend of mine to Madhvani Group of companies located in Jinja Eastern Uganda and that was when I learned of this. After we had had our lunch, we had our tour and what impressed me was that there is a certain unit where most of the employees are people with disabilities. The deaf and dumb, hunch backs, and the little people…

You’d get shocked. Being me, I have never seen, been or even heard of such a company with such a huge employment sector for these people. And that is how this company stole my heart!

Mary Masesa, the production manager at Makepasi Match company, mentioned that they started this program after these people approached them to sponsor their annual activities four years ago and because Makepasi couldn’t be of much help at the time, they decided to employ them.

In her words, Mary says these people work even faster than the companies’ regular or normal employees.

I was shocked at what I saw. Shocked and touched. Imagine a group of people disregarded by public, unemployed and with disabilities. Makepasi matchbox is doing an incredibly great job.

See photos below

Now for my CEOs reading this. In what way are you reaching out to the deprived of the society? Drop your answer in the comment section below or shoot me an email so I can share about your company with the world.

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Gather Together In My Name – Maya Angelou’s autobiography. VOLUME 2.

Maya Angelou. God Bless Her Soul!

 It is mesmerizing how this author would take you through a series of her American past as though it were your own.

I have to read, but I have to admit. Maya Angelou is, if not the best I have read. [That woman was the definition of Narration and talent.]

 So I grabbed this book Wednesday Morning at 10AM and it kept me all but pinned down to my seat until I finished it at 2pm. There is an aura in her literature. The narratives are excellent, and I would be lying if I claimed to have words to describe it.


 [Gather Together in My Name continues Maya Angelou’s personal story, begun so unforgettably in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. The time is the end of World War II and there is a sense of optimism everywhere. Maya Angelou, still in her teens, has given birth to a son. But the next few years are difficult ones as she tries to find a place in the world for herself and her child. She goes from job to job–and from man to man. She tries to return home–back to Stamps, Arkansas–but discovers that she is no longer part of that world. Then Maya’s life takes a dramatic turn, and she faces new challenges and temptations.

In this second volume of her poignant autobiographical series, Maya Angelou powerfully captures the struggles and triumphs of her passionate life with dignity, wisdom, humor, and humanity..

Now you’ve read about it. I suggest you grab the copy as soon as possible and if you’re already a reader, you sure by now should be aware of Maya’s enormous significance in Global literature. 

Enjoy your reads,.. Remember,     images you can share your opinion about the book in the comment section below!  

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So word has been getting round. About how healthy one should be, or at least what they ought not to eat and etcetera. But truth be told. All these talks matter. Let’s just admit about one thing at least. That out of a million words said,  one line will be helpful to you.

You are what you eat. What you dress, how you look. Before you even introduce yourself, a little summation about your personality will have been made by the character/ behaviour analyst sitting across. I have been confronted on afew occasions. By a few people at the cafeteria. “Eishh!! Betty, I can see you’re getting all traditional.

The stuff that matter

All these local dishes and greens and stuff” They say.  And well, truth be told. yes I am. All these strange processed foods turn me off. To be honest, I don’t see why people get so excited about oily & fried stuff and mcdonalds and pizza hat and etcetera.

My body just reached a point where it won’t take what it won’t take. And it won’t force. Now this is why you need to think about the title of this article.

These processed things

It’s like asking a model why she wears long skirts yet other models do  otherwise, why she goes to church whilst everyone else goes clubbing, or why she sticks to a childhood boy-friend who is not in the limelight like other stars or wanna be’s be.

To make things clear, people get tired. that is why all this matters. Now I want you to stop listening to the noise from without, listen to the small voice from within. The voice you’re trying to suppress. The voice that is telling you things that you know are the right things.

Don’t shut it down. Because If you start paying more attention to that voice, you’ll realize that you don’t have to choose ice-cream over mango juice because all your friends are. That you don’t have to dress skimpy to fit in, that you don’t have to tag along where you don’t belong. Hanie, there is so much in you. Don’t give up on yourself too early.

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So I was wondering for long why it so happened that some people had the same experience over and over again. Like let’s say retaking a course over and over or staying with an abusive spouse, sticking to friends who bad-mouth you etcetera and etcetera. The list is endless.

It was then that I landed on TD Jakes’s preaching about the power of changing your mind. This is what I learned.

  • You will never be a failure.

I know it might sound a bit of*.  But I guess you understand. Let it not sound in someway, but truth is, a changed person will never be the same again. You will never do the same things you used to do. You’ll find it hilarious that at some point you were so limited, so helpless.You’ll also notice how you tackle challenges with a new wave energy that you never had before. And guess what? You’ll won’t fail at whatever you commit yourself to. It doesn’t mean that you won’t make silly decisions again, but you will always correct yourself and move to the right path.

  • You’ll never be vulnerable or even desperate again.

We’ve all been there. At some point you’ve wanted someone so bad that they’ve started treating you like you don’t matter. But you stick around. Because you’re desperate for their love. Their affection.  A person with a changed mind does not insist on where he doesn’t belong or feel welcome. He builds the right relationships, acknowledges his mistakes, and moves in a morally upright. You won’t settle for less if you are a person with a changed mind.

There is a lot more and more. But meanwhile you can ponder on these or watch video here.


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Why Britain’s forgotten slave owners?




DAVID OLUSOGA as Writer and Presenter.

#Prompt# Did this documentary challenge any preconceived notions you had about the subject matter of this film? What were they and where did they stem from?

I barely had any notions before watching this documentary. To be honest I know slavery has existed, and it is still arguable that it still exists today, but I had never thought about it in the way that David Olusoga, the writer of this film, presented it.

When I think of slavery, what comes to mind is usually the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, plus of course the slavery in America. I had never really focused on slavery in Britain and how it must have been even though that I know chunks of enslavement had been there. Neither did I know that the extent to which slavery in Britain had been practiced was as large as the revelation that I got when I watched the film.


I have always known slavery is an evil, that it was horrible, but I had never fully understood its depths. It was the vastness of the archives that shocked me however. The huge number of slave owners around Britain, and how many slaves these owners had.

My team and I did the topic ‘The Trans-Atlantic’ slave trade in my African Philosophical Thought class last year. The experience was great. The lessons enormous. But barely in our research did we come across Britain. Most of the videos and literature we came across was American. So we did not really delve deeper into Britain. Watching this video has however opened my eyes to these realities. Learning that even after the Trans-Atlantic slave trade was abolished, slavery still existed. This gave me insights on themes like Trans-Atlantic slave trade Abolition versus The Abolition of slavery as a whole.

It was also amazing to learn that the slave owners had to be compensated for, but what was even more amusing was the fact that they invested their money in huge national projects, sparking a new wave of development. Which makes me wonder. Were the slave owners/traders inherently aggressive and enterprising? After all, when the slavery was being abolished, they fought. When they were at losing ends, they filed for a compensation and when they got the money, they invested it in even more productive or rewarding activities.


The thirst and drive at which these men ran the country was mesmerizing. They were boisterous, aggressive, and influential. They were powerful. They had an overwhelming thirst for prosperity and wealth. They prospered at everything they did despite the cost. No wonder men like George Hibbert defended slavery as much as they could. It is not surprising that one woman in Jamaica, had to completely devalue her slaves, in order to make it clear to the Royal government that the compensation they were making was not enough whatsoever.

Watch Video Here…

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All the dead Arising.

Book by Jamie Campbell. `

In a world where the adults are dead. Things are hard to comprehend. Everly losses her parents on the night of ‘the Event‘. The mysterious night on which all adults die, living the young to their own means. Now Everly, with her ability to see and talk to the dead, must find a way to block out the voices from the dead, in the struggle to protect herself and her nine year old sister Faith. She must learn to help by all means. Both the humans and the

This book kept me on my toes. I could barely resist the urge to turn form page to page in my struggle to chew quickly what Evie would be doing next. The suspense in the book got my adrenaline rushing even after months of not opening my Kindle. I LOVED IT!

Certainly Jamie Campbell is now a must read for me. You can get the book free on Amazon.