500 Words

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When I started this whole blogging-every-day thing, I decided the rule had to be 500 words written in a day.  And I meant to hold myself to writing 500 words somewhere in the writing day, whether it was my blog post or the novel I was working on,…

No Pastors Necessary

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I worship in a quiet place. There are no crowds. No megaphones or speakers. No screaming. You don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to. There’s no spiritual warfare. Just a focus on a social gospel: treating people like full human beings. Trying to improve this world we’ve…

Aeroquest… Canto 11

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Canto 11 – Planet of the Cave Man       The planet itself was smaller than Earth, but possessed a lot more land space.  Its oceans were limited to five vast and separate land-locked lakes.  Vegetation was remarkably sparse, but what grew was tenacious and very much alive.  What…

My Advice Quotes #169

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“Don’t be a slave to foods and drinks by drinking and eating too much of it everyday.” Raul Conde (Writer)

Who Are You Really, Old Man?

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A wizened old man in a wizard’s robe walked up to a twelve-year-old boy. “Okay, ask your question, and make it good.” “What?” said the boy.  “Who are you, old man?” “Never mind who I am.  I can answer the ultimate question.  I have lived a long life. …

Being Bourgeois (& Other Ghanaian Delusions)

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I keep finding myself in conversations with people who whip out the word ‘bourgeois’. Some are loud and proud about it. Others mention the word in hushed tones, serving it up like they would a sly wink. Regardless of the approach, I wince. The ‘poor African’ stereotype is a particularly…

As for today,

Just wanted to drop these here. Finally recovered from severe cough and a cold.

BAD Mzee! 5  lessons I learned from an old Veteran.

You most probably know that in East Africa,  the word Mzee is used to address an adult. Say old man or woman. Haha. Well, meet Bad Mzee ( I guess you might want to know why he is bad Mzee? Because he is baddass!) I met bad Mzee at Rweteera safari park. My first day…