She had been praying for a Mr. Right all her life but all in vain.  All the men she had met earlier in her life had been ‘…manics’ with really no mark to leave. None of them had proved himself worth her loyalty, thus she had given up.

And here she was once again, staring at a seemingly strange prince charming across the road. Bless! the ma was as beautiful as the devil himself.  At least from the distance between them, he still looked beautiful… tall, broad shouldered with long flowing ebony hair that touched his shoulders…

Nanah stared hard less she would miss out on search an eye-satisfying sight. She had been seated there for the past three hours, only the beautiful man had turned up about half an hour ago. But she wouldnt blame herself.. this spot was her favorite. She had ,developed a custom of coming here every afternoon to read her novels. and here dawns the fateful day!!! when her spot now drags a man from she doesn’t know where at places him right at the front of her eyes. She let her nails pass through her hair while she recalled the fate of those gone days, boring, only the eyes would eat up what words she’d read from the novels… several of them.. and then the wind would sweep the memory away.

The book she ‘d been holding fell off her hands, dragging her from her dreamy state, and back to reality, she looked at him once again. there he was, her beautiful man… standing only a  few yards across… she’d watched him walk down the road from the large fenced house that now stood quite afar. first a firm figure, then a  shoulder, then a dream.. a beautiful man…  Her eyes now danced with excitement as she watched him approach. his tall frame moving towards her. His strongly  well toned masculine features gliding her way.. No. sh was dreaming.. she had to be dreaming, the n she pinched her hands so hard, tryin’ to awake her self from the dream.. And as he came closer, eyes fixed upon her, and his face wearing a smile, she picked her book in disbelief… turning her head in bewilderment, and as he brought his hand to get hold of her hand, she turned away…


10 thoughts on “THE LONER AND THE DEMI-GOD

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  1. The story was almost familiar till the discourse told me i was reading the writer i know better. Betty, folklore style is sweet and enduring but it needs lots of concentration. Also, decide the language soon to be sure u go American.or British. I believe your journey wont be
    long,.destination is just about. I like your zeal.

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