LBP The Afro-UrbanStylist


In modern Africa, most of us tend to think  that African wear is out of style and we therefore tend to ignore it for other styles. In actual sense, being a stylist can still be framed out by a creative mind even in an African wear. Some have developed a tendency of ignoring it for an only Western African norm, claiming that they would be branded ‘All and Only’ West African whereas some of us have embraced it. It’s not a crime if you rock town dressed in an afro-urban  dress; With a good taste in color, style, and jewelry, you could still look incredibly chic in your African wear.! Look at this;


In the picture, I choose a color that blends with my natural complexion. (Don’t mind the logo, its just my brand). Trick One to being a fashionista is selecting which color blends with your skin no matter which outfit you choose. To such an Afro-Urban dress,  p-ick a bag that matches your dress, like the coffee brown one in the picture and style your hair accordingly. You may not need alot of jewels like bangles, necklaces or ear-rings. Plenty of jewels  mixed up may ruin your intention of looking incredibly class and chic! To avoid this, pick a little that won’t ruin your splendid look; and Bang! You are good to go.


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