You’ve probably been around strangers some day and you’ve lost your calm. you have found yourself nervous or very anxious because you feel the people around you are too important n thus out of your league. Below r ways you can get rid of that feeling and stay Calm even the first time you meet people:


1.Build a high esteem. – You do not have to be a billionaire or a beauty queen inorder to have a unique esteem.Know who you are, believe in yourself. A low self esteem is bound to keep you down while a high one will make you climb unexpected mountains and ladders of success.

2:- Be bold and confident: These two walk hand in hand with a high self esteem. Its the little confidence that will make you move with your facing the ground other than the sky. But with boldness and confidence, you’ll make everlasting impressions.. People will like you before they have even had a more than 10 minutes chit-chat with you.

3:-Dress nicely: Be classy.

4.-Work on your spoken (language) and establish your own look.

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Stay in touch with me on Social Media


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