There is that person you’ve wanted to be, the person whom you adore,              like; Taylor Swift, Maya Angelou, Shakespeare, Nelson Mandela, Obama, or the Angelina Jolie of tomorrow.  Whoever   it is, you know them better, because it’s you who wants to be them. Well, I don’t mean that you should impersonate but, here are four simple ways you can frame yourself into that personality you’ve always desired.


This can only come about after you have decided you want the masses to recognize as. Do you want to look be a billionaire, a model, an entrepreneur or a singer?  All these people chose the personality they portray first. So then, who do you want to be? Choose that, and you’re set for your journey of being a success.


Commitment to which ever personality you chose to be is actually what will get you there. Make sure you choose the personality you think is right for you and make a commitment!  Yes, choosing is not all it takes. You may make as many choices but it’s the committed man who will get it better. The more committed you are, the more likely it is that you’re going to live your dream.

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Yes. It’s very hard for you to wake up one day and convince another that you failed to get information about a particular subject. With the internet and its services, blogs, videos, websites, online books, surely… who are you going to convince?  After choosing a personality and committing yourself, equip yourself with enough knowledge about the field. Make sure you know what’s happening in that given sector. You either have something to talk about when someone asks about your field, or you quit the floor for others. Remember, you don’t want to be branded a failure so once you are knowledgeable enough, you’re good to go.


Don’t go everywhere introducing yourself as an amateur. You go everywhere saying “I’m an amateur, I’m a starter”. Even after you’ve spent two years in the field you still introduce yourself as a starter. Ok, you’re one, well and good. Thank goodness you managed to choose and commit yourself to a particular personality but now it’s time to move on. It’s time to unlock your brains and get them from that mental imprisonment of being a ‘forever’ an amateur   or a starter.  This branding of starter everywhere is what drives off potential clients in case it’s a business.  Look at this; I wanted to be a model. I’d done my   research but because I’d actually had nothing more that personal photo-shoots, I was afraid to acclaim the title, afraid to introduce myself as a model that was capable of taking up the gigs. So before other models, agents, or managers, I would always introduce myself as “an amateur model. But when I realized how much this had cost me, and duh! It was expensive! That’s when I got up from my comfort zone and began doing the real thing. You introduce yourself as an amateur, watch out. You might always be one.

Stay in touch with me on Social Media
Stay in touch with me on Social Media

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  1. kikomekomusa says:

    great idea sista

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    1. Lunkuse Betty Paulls says:

      You’re welcome, you may share with the others out there… 🙂


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