You’ve apparently entered a store and envied the gentleman who comes in twenty minutes after your entry and has captured all the attention you always yearn for. Everyone has turned their heads to look at him! Your fiance inclusive! Okay, here is the simplest way to go about it and appear with a sense of style, just a matter of personality whether a hair cut, Mohawk or Dreadlocks, even if you choose to go bald you can still catch it up here.

For a Gentleman;

SUIT & TIE                  SHOES                        WATCH                BELT

21347_1download (1)watchdownload (2)

For a Country boy (Western)

HAT                       SHADES     SHIRT        BELT                   PANTS               BOOTS

download (3) shades-and-handlebar-sun-staches download (4) images (2) homechaps$(KGrHqVHJBMFIp1COk8HBSQFuwdleQ--_32For a Country boy (African)

An African Country boy

T-SHIRT                                SHORT PANTS                     CRAFTS SANDALS

JS64816689 il_214x170.607006621_ec3xafrican_sandals_8a

For a Street Walker

CAPS                                   SHIRTS                                 PANTS

download (6) images (5)download (5)upload2515434083030933437490881

SHADES                                    CROSS BAGS                 SNEAKERS

Ray images (4) Sneakers

There you go… will be bringing you more as time goes on… 🙂

Stay in touch with me on Social Media
Stay in touch with me on Social Media

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