Most parents do not mind child joy especially in this dot com era. For a parent, buying your child a play station  is not all the joy that there’s to give a child. For the broke parent, the situation is even worse … here are some tips to go around the parent-child problems.


  1. Spend some reasonable time with your child; spending enough time with your child will give him or her joy even though you might not be able to buy her the play station… Giving time to your child makes her feel different, the child can stand up and say proudly, “My mommy loves me,” even you may not be in position to give her all the toys… She will learn to trust you better and even feel more comfortable around you.
  2. Play with your child, share opinions, and thus you’ll create a better relationship. While most parents, especially in Africa, would take this for familiarity and disrespect so they spank the child whenever she touches them, yet it’s very essential for you to play with your child. This helps you establish a better relationship. I used to run to bed whenever my dad came home. Whether night or day because you know what, the way he acted towards me was tough. Smile, ask a child how they spent their day instead of barking or condemning them for messing up the guests’ room. Being friends with your children is one way to raise them better and establish an awesome relationship.
  3. Don’t go too hard on the child; don’t use wagers on the child.parent-yelling
  4. parent-yelling
  5. You’ve apparently seen a parent spank their child until they wet their pants. Or a parent send their child for spoon and the kid turns up with a flask. Do not go too hard on her. And don’t bark at the child. Such deeds and throwing insults to the child will lower her esteem and will increase the distance the child has with the parent.
  6. You don’t necessarily need to take your child to very expensive children’s places to express how much you love her. You can even do it on your own in your own parental way…Making your child laugh, playing around with her, buying her pretty toys, birth day presents are more likely together playing on your side of the bay than anyone else’s. Quite this and a lot more can make your child comfortable around you….However, I don’t mean that you shouldn’t take her out even though you have the money’
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Stay in touch with me on Social Media

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