Speaking a language is there but speaking in a very adorable manner also makes it another story. It’s quite perturbing at times that someone may have very good written and yet be too poor at spoken. Here are some ways in which you make your accent rock worlds.

  1. Study your language and vocabulary; make good use of your dictionary whether you are a student or notdownload
  2. Read plenty of newspapers, novels, and several other literature;   If you are to take notice, literature lovers are several steps ahead of multitudes of none literature lovers-    so in order to better your language, literature is one route to take
  3. Watch plenty of videos in the particular language you want to perfect. English document6aries, etc…such things as un interpreted TV series will also improve your spoken plus listening skills
  4. Listen to English radio stations such as BBC or other programs regarding the particular Language you want to perfect be it French, Germany, and Espanol.
  5. Practice; Imagine if you’re the kind of person who revise their dictionary excellently yet  afraid of speaking even one word in English. Put what you study to use… Practice, that’s when you’ll manage to better your spoken and it doesn’t even matter which language you’re learning.
  6. Interact with people who are good at the language; There are less chances of a non-English speaker to learn the language as he intends yet he stays with people who speak it only once in a while. If you want to better you language, spend time with people who speak the language.  If I stay with rapid English speakers, my language naturally gets rapid… the community in which you’re staying and the people you’re associating with thus have a great impact on your spoken…
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Stay in touch with me on Social Media

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