Several people are obese and multitudes are trying to find their way out of the box by not only dieting but also starving themselves for some. Some on the other hand are also thin and are starving themselves because they are afraid of growing fat, or eating excessively past the limit. Okay, below are five ways in which you can, eat normally and still keep at your normal size.


  1. Eat less fat. Fats, rather plenty of calories will definitely make you accumulate more weight  in the shortest time possible and you might actually never realize you are putting on the wait. So while you eat more fat, watch out as you might be digging your own grave.
  2. Exercise regularly. Plenty of exercise ought to keep you in good shape even if your meals are quietly unusually heavy. Some appetites are just quite naturally high, uncontrollable, and unpredictable. But here is what to do; lose some ,  go jogging, etc and trust me, you will nail the weight problem.
  3. 8-Ways-In-Which-Gymming-Helps-Lose-Weight
  4. Go swimming. Swimming is one of the best and easiest ways to lose weight. No wonder swimming is fun. While you are having fun and making use of your leisure time by swimming, you’re chopping down some fat level by losing some calories. And if you’re looking at road work and gym like a punishment or burden,  you have definitely hitting at it by swimming… lol, TWO THUMBS UP
  5. Eat some popcorn; You may decide to eat the salty popcorn instead of your usual chocolate bars while passing time on your TV screen. A plate of popcorn isn’t comparable to the many chocolate bars you would have eaten while watching a 1.5 hours movie. No wonder both popcorn chocolate bars are going to push you to either another plateful of popcorn or bar after bar.
  6. Get yourself a sexy coach; Are you a lady, or a gentleman. Here’s one of the best ways out. Get yourself a sexy coach to give you a hand in your weight losing attempts.    If your coach is an awesome guy with   a six pack tummy, killer looks, plus those luring prince charming inviting lips and eyes, you are definitely in for it. However, don’t go too intimate as you might lock yourself in a dilemma you might never escape from easily. But here is the point; however lazy you might be the desire to stare at him plus the macho man full look may woo you off your feet thus driving you to the gym.  This similarly applies to the male.  Get yourself a daring female coach with the breath taking Michele Obama athletic look and well-toned body Plus that soft stentorian voice When you look at your trainer’s body and shape, you don’t  desire to leave the gym. You want to work out until you’ve got that goddamn shape that’s forever been your fantasy! And bingo! You’ve definitely nailed it.  Two thumbs up and see?   You’re already getting in shape.
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