There’s that time when you’re so goddamn stressed that you can’t think of doing anything. You push hard, but you’re uneasy. Your very stress lets you down. For some, stress is actually a booster that pushes them to go harder, while for some, stress is what keeps you pinned to the ground and doing nothing productive except complaining about how unfair the world is doing to you, and how busy you’re.    Today, I bring you simple ways in which you can relieve yourself off stress:

  1. Drink plenty of water:

Drinking plenty of water will not only make you feel fresh, but will also do lots of positives to your brain. You’ll look healthier, lively, it will rejuvenate your look and one may not even realize you’re stressed.  So the more water you drink, the fresher and stronger it is for you to carry along with your daily activities.

  1. Exercise:

There is nothing as frustrating as doing almost everything in vain. You work, but you do not enjoy.  You have lots of responsibilities pulling you here and there, much pressure, that you’ve even become bitter and stress is all you know. With exercise, you will make your body stronger for other activities. You’ll give it the strength to carry on with your daily activities.  Whether you choose to exercise daily, twice or once a week, it makes a difference. A few hours or minutes every day whether a walk, a gym, dance, will do your body better and relieve you off stress.

A woman laying on a meadow full of camomiles, dressed in a white gown, posing in a lazy , sleepy manner.
A woman laying on a meadow full of camomiles, dressed in a white gown, posing in a lazy , sleepy manner.
  1. Have enough Rest:

Little or no rest will keep you exhausted, moody, unhealthy, and more tired than your expectations. We all want to work hard and achieve big but none of these would come out excellently if each day we spend at work we feel tired, moody, and thus less love and appreciation for our efforts. In order to keep all this stress off your shoulder, all you need to do is have enough rest.

  1. Keep in touch with nature;

You may notice that each day you spend in your office from 8:00am to 5:00pm is another load of stress. You hate Mondays, you jubilate on Fridays. You only cherish weekends because that’s when you do your laundry.  Imagine what it feels like spending an hour under a cool shade or next to pool.   You feel relieved and even know better of how to manage your emotions.  Keeping in touch with nature will thus keep you off the stress you feel while in your office, on your mobile phone 27/7 or in front of Desktop.


And finally,

  1. Take a break:

You’re human not a robot. Even a robot can be shut down. Take a break! You don’t need to shut out family, friends or entertainment just because you have a lot of work.   Locking yourself in an office, or working overtime won’t solve a thing… It lonely increases the stress while you think you’re covering piles. Go for a vacation, throw a party and have some fun. You’ll be stronger to perform your duties while you make life enjoyable.

Stay in touch with me on Social Media
Stay in touch with me on Social Media

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