Deciding which line of career it is that you want to pursue makes things a lot easier for you than being indecisive or a jack at all trades. Deciding which career it is that you want therefore makes your efforts a lot more productive.


Knowing several details about your line of career is very helpful as you’re equipped with knowledge. This will thus help you in decision making while you scratch your way to the  top. You will know which steps are bad for you and which ones will put you to the  top hence  making you the confidence.


  1. FOCUS:

It’s your way, your choice, your career. You either make it to the billionaire you’ve always desired or the beggar. You decide to either prosper or fail by how focused and how much you are willing to sacrifice for your dream. With more focus, chances are that you’ll succeed.


No man is an island. With a larger network, things are likely to work out even easier that you expected. Even if you’re not starting from scratch, a broad network is very essential.  I didn’t have a coin when I set out to be a model. I didn’t have money to join me to an agency or modeling school. But things began to work out when my network broadened. I made friends with   photographers, fashion houses, makeup artists and things began to work out well. No money to get me a camera, not part of an agency, well… a friend would give me a camera, another costumes, and I go pose.  Guess what? My photo shoots turned out beautiful and one would be compelled to ask me how much I spent on it. Only to realize didn’t even invest a coin. Connections,  good networking. That’s how things work out for most of us who have to start a career from scratch.


  1. BE OUT GOING/ OPEN MINDED:download (1)

As a starter and dreamer, you need to find ways to make it to where you want to be. Don’t cling to your own choices and ideas alone. Share with others and accept where correction need be made.  The  more open minded you are, the more chances of improving, learning more, and even building a broader net-work are.

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Stay in touch with me on Social Media

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