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I had never imagined how hard life can be at times. Or how a forty five minutes talk with someone can change your opinion about life. It’s amazing yet so true. Ask me why? I am yet to tell you. I joined college only a few months ago. In Ghana, leaving Uganda. The country in which I was born and raised. The state I grew up so accustomed to. So here I am.

Me posing during a photo-shoot. ‘My model look’

It is a Friday, and I enter the cafeteria with so much confidence. As usual, for some reason I make heads turn when I enter a place. Up to now I have never discovered why. Some say it’s the charm some say I am a mystery, others claim my eyes say a lot more than I think. A few girls say it’s the super-model look that makes me stand out. The men say it is the bold look I cast out. I seem to look through their eyes and dig down to their souls. I discover their secrets when I look at them.Only my boyfriend told me one night ago that he pities any guy who looks into my eyes. Now, what do I say … You might be able to tell by the time you’re done reading this article. Laugh Out Loud It’s a by the way…

Back to the point. I enter the cafeteria, ignoring all the attention, and I wait on a short queue to make an order for my breakfast. I stand next to Kobi Graham a Lecturer. I attended his lecture once, for that’s when I got a chance to. I want to study in his class someday because last time was amazing. I remember narrating the whole story to the entire class when he told me to give hints about the plot. It was written and oral, my lecturer Eli had not come so he’d asked Kobi to join us up with his class. I have never forgotten the incident. The irony was amazing for the entire class laughed when he commented on how long winded I am. The same reason his sister never answered any questions in Kobi’s class. Similar problem. Narrating the entire story when told to say just a little. Whatever the case with our narrative thirsty guts! Okay. So I look at Kobi. I am afraid of saying anything. He is one of those few lecturers I desperately yearn to talk to because of their creativity. Kobi is very creative. I read his article for ‘The Guardian blog’ last week. It was an eye catching one titled ‘Yet I have never had chance. Kobi Graham has a blog that I had never had chance to read until four days ago. Besides, he is a DJ. He wears a round cap.

kobi's picture.
Kobi’s picture@

It’s his signature I think. He is one of the coolest lecturers I have met. I want to talk to him about I do not know what. Just I think we might have something in common, or his extraordinarily brilliant brains have some thing for me to pick. I mean a serious talk though. So he looks at my cap and says,

‘I love your cape.’ I smile. Then he walks way to the next service. He goes to pick his order. Two minutes later, I join him. I am excited. I stand next to him and in a voice close to a whisper,

‘Kobi, thanks.’ I murmur. He smiles and nods in approval.

‘So, you deleted your blog? I couldn’t find it.’ I inquire

‘No, it is there. I have not deleted it. Or, Let me write it down for you.’ Kobi offers. Oh, it is amazing. So twenty minutes later I leave the cafeteria with the link to Kobi’s blog

Later, I have a chat with Salome my coach and when she discovers that all I ever want to be in life is a best-selling author and movie director billionaire, when she discovers about my blog, fashion, creativity and poetry craze, she says Kobi is the answer. Forty minutes later, I am climbing upstairs to Kobi’s office and scheduling an appointment with him in the next thirty minutes. And bang! I have discovered the secret. My forty five minutes talk later with Kobi that Friday brought more than a thousand solutions to my blogging problems. We discussed blogging and goodness! No wonder I had limited my creativity that much. Earlier, I did not write what I had loved as much. My modeling manager told me to write what my audience loved for the past few months. But talking to Kobi brought a change. He told me to blog what I love. What I feel. What I have a passion for. What a lesson! And it heals a whole lot of problems. That has made the difference. My imagination can run wild, my brains can take a spin.

I'm Letting my imagination take a spin. Blogging is fun
I’m Letting my imagination take a spin. Blogging is fun

I do not think my blog is going to be starved anymore, for ‘Now I break the chains.’ My little escape has been slight but rewarding. I am willing to take it even further. Thanks to Kobi Graham. Last Friday’s is a chat to remember.


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