It is Christmas. I spent the Christmas Eve in a club shaking booty like there was no tomorrow, from 11 pm till 5 am. With about twelve Ghanaian friends who I met and made that day and night. 5 am I go back to Legon where I am residing for the mean time and my roommate locked me out. Well, she always does. My temporary roommate Brenes locks me out on quite a daily basis. I think that is how unreliable I have become and maybe for some reason I deserve it. Otherwise why would I leave her to stay by herself while I go with friends partying here and there?

Now here we are. Brenes locked me out. It is 6 am. I have to get some music because I have t DJ at the Ugandans in the diaspora event I’m attending in the afternoon. Fine, I move up to the Hostel and bang the door so hard while I call her cell phone at the same time. She opens the door angrily. Whoosh… deep breaths.  Brenes has not talked to me for more than five minutes since then. I think I’m so evil whoosh. It’s that for now… I quickly peruse through the music selection, Try to ensure things are fine with my Virtual DJ Software, then I sleep and wake up 20 minutes to 1 pm after a Ugandan friend bangs at my door and tells me he has only 10 minutes for me otherwise he won’t be taking me anywhere. I will take myself to the place that I do not know, in my attempt to meet all other Ugandans in the diaspora for Christmas. Is that not even punishment enough? Hahaha…  Well, of course I got to DJ at the event, only my Virtual DJ software jams, or I think it does, and I am lucky to see that there is someone I call an actual DJ in the house.20151225_154732The other DJ in blue

Thanks to this events planner. I think she got quite considerate thinking that I am a sexy girl I might not be able to handle it at all. But hahaha. I did better than my Professional DJ over there. So I interact with him and he tells me he is not a DJ but just for this day, he has decided to become one. 40 minutes later, I’m DJ-ying like never before and he is shaking his booty like crazy. 20151225_154730Me introducing myself during the get-to-know each other session.

Only I do not let this last long because dude, I want to shake ma booty too. Hahaha… So be it… Although this too does not last long. At this event, I meet one of the most intelligent 3 year olds’ I have ever come across. Never seen such an intelligent kid push jazz with a 20 year old. He sweeps me off my feet. But the experience is intriguing. Later at 8 pm, we move to a cool place whose name I do not remember and I have a couple of iced Álvaro’s and chicken wings.20151225_202718Me and James chilling.James is Kenyan..2 hours later, we are once again in a club and I’m even enjoying my festive season like never before. 20151225_201935Dorcus chilling… Us having fun..

3 am, we are on our way back to Legon. I happen to be over that and I am happy to wave Christmas off later that night and welcome the morning before.


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