#Culture!!!! But Tabi stole all my Model-poses!

Hi! These have been nice days. I can’t help it. The realization that dawns you when you travel or stay away from home. And for the eighth time probably, I have come to agree with two quotes.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, and two, “East or west, home is the best” Ask me why?

I have been having some of my best moments in Ghana with other girlfriends. Angella- ‘Tabi’ Dorcus, and Noella. As troublesome as we get some times, there are moments that are incredibly awesome! Like last week… The International Students Week at Ashesi and for some reason, we couldn’t help it as realization dawn upon us. It was the rich culture… The rich Ugandan culture…We miss home…

Angella was clad in this hot Ankole look ‘Mushaanana’ (Western Uganda)… Dorcus, the hot Kiganda wear, our real “Gomesi’’, and Noella in a hot Central African look.

Noella wearing her princess smile…

Like the queen of DRC…Oh and Atare! She was the graceful queen of Ghana… Our grand Host, she sat with her King … And ask me where I was, plus what I was…

IMG_7409 - Copy
Can you see me in the background with a backpacker? They are only lucky I look like #Lupita otherwise,…Anyways..Angella was being her princess self..Looks like L.B.P was out of culture!!1 That other person is #Anne… The funniest person I’ve met. Nice to stay around with… I’ve recently become her NO-1 stalker.. Don’t laugh at me..

My role in one skit…That’s the sad thing I didn’t like…  I was the maid! Can you imagine! Standing by the comfortable queen and king. Now you can imagine me walking around, sulking and sprinkling colorful paper cuts and flowers all over the place while my best friends were enjoying their roles of African queens flaunting there rich traditional attires, jewelry, and smiles. The maid is not supposed to smile. Otherwise, she might seduce the queen! ‘That’s still our little joke’ gooooshhhhhhhhhhh…

IMG_7415 - Copy
When your best friend stills all your model-poses and leaves you with nothing to do during your next-shoot. ##Angella…  No wonder I am out of page-likes? You…

Only if you could see me forcing a frown on my face! Pretentious Envy groping down my throat! And I was laughing at myself and frowning all the same… Don’t give me that ‘sad Emoji look’ … But of course I was a cheer…little confession. With mixed feelings. Isn’t it only natural? Yet still, I was entirely happy…



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