Forget the sorries…


I was about to say sorry when I realized ought not to… Well, may be I really should say sorry about my indecisiveness, about the fact that sometimes I have just too many ideas yet I don’t know how to execute them at ago. But still, I have said enough sorrys over the months. Especially after I blog quite consistently, then I disappear for some time.. The fact is, sometimes I get lost inside my head. It’s true. Quite painful. I tell myself I am done blogging today, so I will work hard and publish my novels for now, then I read something interesting from  Michael Hyatt  or  Jeff Goins or Texan in Tokyo. And it reminds me that I should just keep writing, pushing, not giving up for one.

This time I was gone. I had said goodbye to blogging. A friend of mine approached me last time and asked me if I could write for her blog. You can’t imagine my answer was a no. It is absurd. Yet here I was on Saturday morning, reading Michael Hyatt’sWhat top leaders Did to get listened to’ and I was having my insights.

That was when I realized I was going the wrong way. I didn’t have to stop blogging to push my screenwriting career. Honestly, it sounds like a lame excuse, because you’ll find me sacrificing eight hours to watch Game of thrones. But, let’s get it over with. I said sorry many times. I don’t wanna say that again. But here is what I have for you now. I am going write. For as long as it’s in my power. I am going write, and serve you, and give you the best version of myself that I can. It’s a calling for me. That’s undeniable. So here we are, I am happy to have you back. Because if you’re reading this, I am really happy. Trust;  I’m here for you and me…



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