You won’t believe it. This company employs a group of people with disabilities like no other..

It’s funny how many a number of times we focus on our major desires, but forget those of others… but this company swept me off my feet.

I was travelling with a photographer friend of mine to Madhvani Group of companies located in Jinja Eastern Uganda and that was when I learned of this. After we had had our lunch, we had our tour and what impressed me was that there is a certain unit where most of the employees are people with disabilities. The deaf and dumb, hunch backs, and the little people…

You’d get shocked. Being me, I have never seen, been or even heard of such a company with such a huge employment sector for these people. And that is how this company stole my heart!

Mary Masesa, the production manager at Makepasi Match company, mentioned that they started this program after these people approached them to sponsor their annual activities four years ago and because Makepasi couldn’t be of much help at the time, they decided to employ them.

In her words, Mary says these people work even faster than the companies’ regular or normal employees.

I was shocked at what I saw. Shocked and touched. Imagine a group of people disregarded by public, unemployed and with disabilities. Makepasi matchbox is doing an incredibly great job.

See photos below

Now for my CEOs reading this. In what way are you reaching out to the deprived of the society? Drop your answer in the comment section below or shoot me an email so I can share about your company with the world.


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    1. Anonymous says:

      thanks Wines.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Asiimwe.Amon says:

      I work with a sister company..
      But in tourism and I find the madhvani family the best employers.
      Only they could check on their choice of on ground managers,some of whom over use their managerial obligation and under pay the junior workers,worth while mistreating them..I mean and I repeat..not all of them.
      For God and my country.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow! Impressive. I think I understand that. Maybe I should write about that too sometime.
        Thanks Amon for your feedback.


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