Okay, I know this may sound really off but believe me it really works. Have there been days you have felt like were a total waste simply because you spent them online getting lost into the surf ? Well maybe not, but for me, there have been such days and I have felt that they were a complete waste.  So here are six reasons you should uninstall your social media apps and remain social media free every once in a while.

  1. It gives you room to recognize things on ground level.                                                     Juliet Sayne. 2020 20170827_155729With a text from Whats-app and then this post on Instagram and this video on YouTube and whatever, you get so engrossed in your phone you barely notice your surroundings. This happened to me. I was looking for a part-time job online and in boxing my friends about it, which is not bad, except there were so many places around my house I could have worked at. And part-time. Also, you will get plenty of room to study your environment with your focus away from social media.


  1. This is the real time for you to impart some sense and knowledge in your head. images (3) I am not Saying that you don’t gain any knowledge from social media, but you bet 60% of its users are.  Uninstalling your apps gives you room to read all the books that have been catching dust in your personal library. You are worth so much more than spending your entire day online. Dude, get up and do something about your life by putting all this technology away every once in a while. Even if your entire career is a digital one, say like I am building mine, it is important that you get a break sometimes.


  1. It gives you peace of mind.                                                                                                 Yes. It’s exhausting being online all the time. Get some time off and think about things that really matter to you.
  2. Room for self-discovery.                                                                                                    Yes. When you are in online groups with people who have identified their interests, it’s easier to think that those are your interests too. After all, that is what everyone is talking about. But here is the thing. You’ll be shocked to discover that this was all influence. So give it a shot. Put that phone aside if you have to. But please, don’t lose yourself real self in the guise of finding yourself online.
  3. Your social media friends don’t really care.     52f8a784d47ed.image                                                           You think they do? Well come and ask me after you have tried it. They only care about your status. Where are you at? What are you doing? Has she graduated? How does his profile picture look like? Honey that is how it is.
  4. They are a sucker for data.                                                                                                     I do not need to elaborate further on this. Because what do we use online? Its data and if all you are going to do all day is read other people’s statuses, then you’re in for a loss. Period. And I know people who have no subscriptions whatsoever. So they data is for only checking whatsapp statuses.



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