First time I talked to a relative I considered superior at the time, I was so offended. Yes, this person was an adult but I wondered why she never seemed to be in control of anything.  If I asked her for something, she would have to ask someone else first. Her superior as well, even in a position where she could have taken the decision on her own. I mean, we decide on things every second of our life. Duh! 😴😴😴 My relative here had another problem as well. She could never say no. To anyone, who asked her for anything, even if she had to seek permission from twenty other people? 😎

So I tried to learn about why some people find it hard to say no. And this is what I found!

Fear of rejection😱: 

 If someone rejects you because of your conviction, you both somewhere somehow do not match on a certain level so it can’t work out. Whatever it is! But some people cannot say no to some requests, proposals, or even vices that later become addictions just because the proposer might reject them after they say what they prefer. But this is really not necessary.  Saying no to things you don’t want boosts your confidence. It just makes you more likeable to some of us. The secret is simple. BE YOU✌️✌️✌️.

They are afraid of losing the relationship😷💑.

Yes, I know a girlfriend who could not tell 🤐her boyfriend that she didn’t like it when he used her towel and toothbrush just because she was afraid she might lose him (I mean what the heck?😈😈😈😈). They might break up or get into a fight, which she really didn’t want. So she goes ignoring him for whatever he does just because? The heck this memory makes me sick🤒🤕. What is wrong with some people?

Fear of loss of opportunity😹

Yes! This is also very important to note. Some people won’t say no to some things just because they are afraid of losing an opportunity. The man who interviewed you at a Job is consistently calling, asking you for a night out. You really don’t want him, but because he is the key to your future, you have to say yes. Sleep with him, you might get that job. Then I don’t know what happens after. Because he may still choose not to give you the job anyway after he has slept with you.

So, it is so simple. 🤦‍♀️Quit these fakades and be you. Why does one have to put up with so much crap? You don’t like it, say no to it. YOLO. That simple! 🙊Can’t be expecting some other person doing their game step all-over you! We have all been rejected numerous times but it didn’t stop us from breathing. So honey, cut the crap and drive your life confidently🤷‍♀️.



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