Pictures I Can’t Keep My Eyes Off.

Hey, you maybe wondering how one could possibly fail to get their eyes off some pictures. Ha-ha. First time this happened to me was after my first photoshoot in 2015. But luckily I have had much more experience in front of, and with the camera ever since.

A while ago I started my mutima_wangu project and I have had great difficulty working with photographers. They do not want to understand and deliver what I want even as a creative director. And if a photographer had an almost similar vision previously, it becomes more problematic. 

So I considered being my own photographer, no problem with it. I just had to quit modelling for my personal projects. And that’s the path I have taken. So I have collected a few of my own photography. That I can’t keep my eyes off yet. And it’s out here. If you have any expertise in photography, will be great if you drop your comment here. Even if you don’t have expertise, I would like to know what you think. So that I know where my new career level is at😍😌😌😌. Let’s Go.

Took this picture on a ferry from North of Valena International airport towards Male. I just think there is something about it. © Lunkusebettypaulls
Took this while flying to Colombo. Somewhere in the clouds. What I liked more was the view of sun, water, clouds, space and a bit of hinterland all together. ©Lunkusebettypaulls
Somewhere along the beaches of Hulhumale. Maldives. @LunkuseBettyPaulls
The Globe Trotting Clouds. ©Lunkusebettypaulls
Sail from above the Desert. Floating clouds ©Lunkusebettypaulls
This looked like a tunnel from up… God’s plantation of clouds. ©Lunkusebettypaulls
Not much … I feel there should have been a better angle but the plane gave no room. © Lunkusebettypaulls
More Clouds © Lunkusebettypaulls
Hanging Clouds
Couldn’t help but caption this! Aerial of the Sahara. Brought all my High School Geography to life ©Lunkusebettypaulls
Couldn’t tell if the blue on the left was water or sky. Took the shot anyway and the picture was just fine. ©Lunkusebettypaulls
Yeah? More Geography. ©LunkuseBettyPaulls.
Blurred. But Something fairy tale like about this. I am caught between sunset and sunrise. Feels like Gandolf the Grey is approaching The Shire. © Lunkusebettypaulls
Somewhere amidst the clouds © Lunkusebettypaulls

Yeah? That is some of my beginner’s work. Let me know what you think. As I pack for more adventures.

You can find more of my work on Instagram by clicking here  @lunkuse_b_paulls. Don’t forget to follow or leave a comment. 

Au revoir 😘🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗


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