Here is the thing with jealous partners.

Hey, so I have been fighting some sort of writer’s block for the past two days as much as I want to tell myself that it’s damn not real.

But the constant nagging of a jealous partner provoked me that much I had to write. Good or bad? Duh!!! Just sucks right? When he keeps texting like, I know you’ve been talking to them other guys… I mean duh!!! 😎😎😎😎 Spare me the nightmare.😌

And here is the thing with such guys. I don’t care if your partner is male or female… All the same.

  • They suck the life out of you.πŸ€πŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή

Yeah? These people literally suck the goddamn breath out of you. What I don’t understand is whether they get any satisfaction out of the constant nagging. Whether they do it to truly stress you intentionally or they are genuinely just like that. I mean what☠️, I don’t worry about your phone. Why do you worry about mine to the extent that you suck the life out of me. When I am like, I have to get to sleep now and he is like, #yeah, after all you are done chatting with other men. 😴😴😴 Bores the heck out of me.

  • They are insecure.

Now I understand that every once in a while we want our partner to be jealous. But we don’t want them to over do it to the extent that we have no opposite sex friends in our life. Why they do it? I think it is their insecurity. They keep telling themselves every second you’re not allover them that you are going to be snatched away by some one else. Mtcheeewwwww πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ€–

  • Be careful. Their insecurity is contagious πŸ—£οΈ.

So these people keep stressing you about what you have been doing, who you have been talking to among others to the extent that if you’re not careful, you are likely to end up like them. That moment when they send you a frowning emoji and you’re like. Is he angry I chatted with Joe? And Joe is your all time tight friend. But he doesn’t know even Joe exists. Then you are angry too. In the long run, just be careful.

Jealous partners, I know you are reading this. Please, just cut it down a little bit. Might never know why all the guys or babes leave you. Don’t over do this thing. Be reasonable even with your jealous. Otherwise, don’t be so shocked at how contemptuous your other half has become. Wanna really make it work?



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