Not so long ago I self diagnosed with what I like to call the bed syndrome.

I am not sure science has discovered anything of this sort yet. But on this blog, you are most likely to find such terms.


The bed syndrome is when you can not stay far away from your bed. Not for so many hours at least. And the bed has to be top comfy. With the bed syndrome, a comfortable bed is the first priority in whatever residence you are at, because your activities revolve around there. You can stay in the house for a week without other people noticing except the family members. Your entire lifestyle, even after the gym session, comes back to bed. Your bed is probably full of books and your basic needs are not so far from the bed.

Reminder, you are or may not  have any physical disability in any way. This includes being obese. You could be very healthy.


  • Boarding school syndrome.                    Because in boarding school, all you have to do is go to the lecture hall and as soon as you enter the dormitory, you know what next. Bed. Reading novels, bed. Talking, hosting friends, eating, all these things happen on your bed. So after six years in boarding school, it is a hustle to push this syndrome out of your system.

    This image has been extracted from Google 🤔🤔🤔©warnings
  • Online employment.                                  Tell me about it! For as long as your photography is making it on shutterstock, your website is hitting it with traffic, your freelance writing career for which ever sites is doing it for you, what can really be the problem? All you do is sit on your bed, type, edit and upload. I don’t know if you get it here, but how many of you know someone whose office is the comfort of their bed?

    This image belongs to casper blog 😌
  • Digital Existence.                                Not  so different from the online employment. But as long as we can earn money via our mobiles and laptops, while we are seated anywhere, we are all digital. All this boasts the bed syndrome.                 
  • How I discovered this?             Noticed that as much as I travel, my bed, at any time of day, is still the biggest comfort. I can sit and work there for over 12hours. With no complaint. I have learned to be a night hawk on bed. Insomnia previously found me. On my bed! After 6hours of hiking, I get a shower and run back to my bed. While in a plane, I want everything to be as comfortable as my bed.
  • I want the comfort of my douve almost everywhere.

    Image credit @NOZNOZNOZ
  • Then we say it’s not the bed syndrome? I am curious if anyone else is going through the same. Because if I am the only one, then this is running out of hand.

12 thoughts on “The BED SYNDROME

Add yours

  1. I am already having bed syndrome 😂😂😂😂.
    I literally do everything on my bed; reading, eating, school work and much more.
    Great article my dear😍😍. Keep going.

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  2. The bed syndrome, well perhaps it should lag to my side of life …its either crossing a busy street road to serve the defendant or sitting on a hard court bend watching my colleagues do what they do best. Bed syndrome is the perfect chill pill for my kind of schedule. Oh before we proceeded are there any side effects

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  3. Betty I literally can’t work from my bed unless I want to find myself in dream land. I have quit a number of friends who find comfort reading and doing a few paper work from the comfort of their beds.

    I think working at the comfort of your bed may not be a problem but over depending on it as the best environment for work may in the long run affect the efficiency of your work since such an environment may not be available in other places at all time

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