BAD Mzee! 5  lessons I learned from an old Veteran.

You most probably know that in East Africa,  the word Mzee is used to address an adult. Say old man or woman. Haha. Well, meet Bad Mzee ( I guess you might want to know why he is bad Mzee? Because he is baddass!)

I met bad Mzee at Rweteera safari park. My first day as a volunteer. Well, maybe not to bore you with all details. Here is what I learned from the old man.

1.Give to Ceaser what Belongs to Ceaser.

     Yes. In most cases we hold ourselves back by not taking the necessary steps we ought to inorder to succeed. It’s mostly because of certain religious and cultural beliefs, or even individual principles. Take an example of Jonah. He is a soldier who clearly knows that his career involves going on battlefield yet once he gets there, he won’t shoot the enemy. Why? Because Jonah is also a Christian. At the end of day, Jonah is shot. Who is to blame? Couldnt he have shot the enemy? So here is what I learned from Bad Mzee. Once you are on the road to heaven, but you meet the devil blocking your way, and you know the devil takes bribes, bribe him. He will get out of your way. In simple terms. Do whatever you have to do in order to get to heaven! (I know some of your readers are going to interpret this literally and coming with accusations in my inbox. Hey hey, just a reminder. This is literature. Subject to your own interpretation. If you think it’s blasphemy, it’s your problem! Those that know what I mean know what I mean.)

2.That AvoCado seed is good for your health.

I really didn’t know this! I am sure someone else here too doesn’t. Well, so once you dry Avacado seed, smash it. Then use it instead of tea leaves.  Measure a tiny spoonful, put it in a cup of hot water like you are making the usual black tea, add a spoonful of honey. And you will be healthy for the rest of your life. Google the other advantages.

3.It is okay to be different.

Yes. I thought I had a problem when I discovered that I consistently wanted to be on the move.hitting some road. Staying at some random place! My mom once said if she had gone to a witch doctor to get me as a baby, she would have thought she’d probably not paid that witch. Why? I was too different! My desires unexplainable. For my mom, who can’t stand the sight of water bodies(how do you call that water-phobia?) could never have understood how Lunkuse, her daughter, could be in the middle of the lake canoeing all alone. So you see? Difference! And bad Mzee, a veteran, chose to spend his days at a Safari park working himself hard, while he could have gone on a vacation to Zanzibar with his wife! But he preferred a safari park. See? It’s okay to be different.
4.Family can hurt you too.

Yes. Mzee told me a scenario where he purchased a piece land and kept the land title with his father. Once his siblings knew about it, they called for a family meeting in mzee’s absence. Then they shared his land among themselves. Next time he asked for his land titled , he was kicked out with pangas. Meaning? As much as you love your family, know when they can be trouble. Maybe all the smiles are not genuine. But hey, no big deal if it hasn’t happened to you yet right? Just take caution and show yourself some love. Teweeyibala!
5.Dreams have no age-limit .

 Yes. We were walking with bad mzee, checking out people’s plantations when we both suddenly said. #INeedToBuySomeLand. 🌿🌎. Oh? Of course I was a young adult starting off with life. He was an old man. A veteran.  Over 70years. And he intends to buy land as much as I do. 

Well, now that you have read that, I am sure you have learned something. See pictures of bad Mzee and me below!

Bad Mzee and me 😂
Bad Mzee at the bonfire
Bad Mzee regaling tourists with Rweteera safari park history.
More stories at the bonfire

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