Hiking! To The Top of The World.

In most cases we want to think that hiking and tourism in general is for people who have achieved it all. These people have plenty of money and time on them, and that they should mostly be foreigners. Hey, that’s a very poor mindset. Don’t let it consume you. No matter your budget, you can always fix in some thing small. So you go to an exotic place every once in a while. Take a deep breath and let life happen! but many people are caught in the rat race and this #I have to go to work daily system that they forget themselves. You don’t have to be them. Honestly, think about it and remember, I am always here to back you up. To inspire you. See? I am one comment away. 

Back to hiking. One of the activities I love to do. Told you about Everest the best guide I ever had? Please meet him.picture below..

Meet Everest. Canoeing on Lake Nyabikere.At Rweteera safari park. Kibale.
Everest. Guiding me to the top of the World. This was still very close to Lake Nyinabulitwa

And he took me hiking to Nyaruzigati hill. Popularly known as #topOfTheWorld in the region.

The experience was great. Involved Hippo seeing, photography, Lake Nyinabulitwa seeing and of course Nyaruzigati hill and village exploration. I learned that the craters lakes around Kibale are over 30. Even though I was only able to see three of them. Nyabikere being at the front of Rweteera safari park itself. See pictures below! 

Two Craters. Nyinabulitwa and Nyabikere.😌😌😌
When the hike gets tougher, the goer gets tougher!
Lake Nyinabulitwa with a view of Crater lake safaris across.
I am at the top of the world. 🤗🤗😉
When the need for using a bamboo stick to climb further up hill arose.
Lake Nyinabulitwa. This picture of of course edited. But you can tell difference. The rest are raw.
This side of the hill on Lake Nyinabulitwa
Hiking to the top of the world. Crater lakes way behind me.
Two craters. First is lake Nyinabulitwa, and the other is Nyabikere. This picture was taken on a hill. You wont believe how much distance there is between them. It’s a serious hike! Sorry, I don’t remember the statistics
Lake Nyinabulitwa just before it starts to rain.
Doing my selfie thing while on Top of The World
This scene is just so beautiful. The other side of lake Nyinabulitwa.
Across lake Nyinabulitwa on the other side, is Crater lake safaris.

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