Selfishly Selfish: What every man should know about asking a girl for sex.

( Warning. This post has language that may not be appropriate for some circles. Don’t read if you can’t tolerate what words are many times considered indecent or vulgar)

Let’s  talk about this. Most of us frown upon even the mention of the word ‘selfish’. But, who is really to blame? Every one is selfish with whatever they have. We want to hold onto what we think is ours even with our last breaths. 

Maybe you didn’t expect this, but I want to look at this today in the #Sexual Aspect. Shouldn’t females be selfish about their #um. Pussies. Excuse me if this word doesn’t work for you. Couldn’t find a better one.  How generous are males with their dicks? ( Ha-ha! Some one hiccuped with a #VeryGenerousIndeed!)

I hear alot of people complaining about sluts, bitches, whores, whatever that means?( No problem if they want that. And by the way, just because me and my girls call our selves bitches doesn’t mean you have a right to address is as such. I repeat. We are going to slaughter you once you open your ugly mouth and address us as such.) At the same time, it’s the same males who look for the same thing(pussy) from whoever female they meet. Excuse me, who is the main supporter of sluttery? 

What does it mean if a male expects every female to say yes? And the weird thing is that they still expect pussy from them. (A male friend needs to enlighten me about guy sexual pyschology) Hey, then tomorrow, they go ranting about how girls are legsome while they are money some. That the more a guy spends on a girl, the more she is even likely to spread her legs wide for him.(excuse me, but what did you expect? To hold onto your wallet why you suck their pussy dry? How certain are you that they have the same interest in sex as you do? Just because it’s food for your soul doesn’t mean it’s food for theirs too. And if you want it as much, you gotta fuel it up with some dimes. It’s not a matter you should be bragging about). Shame. Abi when you got your money you had the expectation that it would lure them to you.

Lets take a scenario. My friend Angie has had one of the most challenging lives I know of. Why? This element I called #SelfishlySelfish. #Angie is holding onto her pussy real tight. She doesn’t wanna let go. You dare ask her for a share and she will push the door in your face right there and then. 

Here is what happens. An annoying tonne of guys hitting Angie’s inbox every day. The sad thing is that while my friend is solely focused on building friendships while she runs her career, all these males in her life expect a piece of her. And I mean, legsome- wise. Don’t get me wrong.

And once she reveals that she is not servicing any legs, one by one find their way out. Hahaha. But the funnier thing is the approach each of these men use and how they assure her that they want to be in her life long term. Hey guys? What does it cost you to have a little more patience? Who do you really want to connect with here? Angie as an individual with a bag of emotions, responsibilities and aspirations, or Angie’s pussy?  How come you are so quick to forget all those proclamations you make to her once you realize she won’t give in so quick? (Let’s be more open about this. If all you want is sex, say it upfront. So she knows you are in the same boat and if not, both of you shouldn’t waste each others’ time.)

Well, I am not defending the fact that you should probably woe the woman for 10,000 years but if your reasons for woeing her were even genuine, why do you close her out as soon as you realize she won’t put up with your sexual innuendos? (Any sexual exchange a woman has with you without full consent and pleasure, consider it a harassment. Just because she didn’t say so doesn’t mean it wasn’t. This harassment may take her a life time to get rid of. To heal.) 

What you are doing is called grooming sluttery. Claiming you want descent females yet your interest is in immediate sex. As soon as you see a girl you go. #Damn! I should bang her and blah blah … Whatever crap. Isn’t this why we have sex workers? So that you can immediately quench your thirst? 

Well, next time you meet a girl minding her business, leaving her life, running her life, do not bother her if all you are looking for quick sex. Mark my words, unless she tells you her interest is the same? Do not harm the self esteem of our girls. Stop objectifying females. Just because she is drop dead gorgeous doesn’t mean she wants sex every day. Her appearance as a siren doesn’t mean her world revolves around blowjobs. Spare us the disgust! Allow girls to be selfishly Selfish with their pussies and quit labels.


14 thoughts on “Selfishly Selfish: What every man should know about asking a girl for sex.

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  1. Thanks for voicing this out. Am a guy but I feel really bad when my fellows treat ladies as sex beings/objects. Guys, I know it’s a confusing setup these days with call girls,etc, but unless a lady has labeled herself a slut/whore/prostitute, please leave the sister in peace, her beauty isn’t only appreciated through her legs. Just my opinion.

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  2. Great post but I feel there are a lot of uncommon statements here,
    For one the “just make your intentions clear” statement clear thing is a trap as soon as you mention you want just the sex you are labeled as a pervert and tossed aside hence most men lie and use the relationship angle
    While for most men if you come with your intentions clear about not wanting a relationship from a lady who has approached you it’s considered a mean/jerk move yet you are genuinely not interested in dating but willing to have fun.
    So in the end if you are defending your friend for not having sex till marriage and also defending your other female friends for having sex freely without judgement then allowing the guy to get sex however he can (whether through money or lies about wanting a relationship) should be accepted without name calling like all men want is sex coz coming clean has never been a thing that works for guys.

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    1. Oh? Interesting to know. But I think coming clean works for some other guys though : otherwise we would not have have some females open for upfront sex as well. Hiding genuine intentions is exploitation from both parties. It’s not alright either for a man to just assume all females want to be presented with a long term picture. Because that is where all the trouble springs from.


  3. Indeed so profound and true. Feminist movement seeks to liberate women from suppression and to give them room to make decisions,esp those which involve men on their own without intimidation or β€˜fear’. Rallying behind total emancipation of women

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  4. I like your view on the issue
    And speaking from a guys perspective theres a serious double standard when it comes to most things sexual
    Community has developed the idea that when a man does it its okay but when a woman does it shes a whore
    We ( men ) have been afforded a level of sexual freedom that women have been denied
    Then there’s the men that like u said want “perfect innocent girls”
    It doesnt occur to them that women dont want a very sexually promiscuous man equally
    Thats just my opinion however

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