666, THE DEVIL, THE DONALD & POOR, POOR JARED, by Art Smukler, author & psychiatrist


Do you believe in symbols? The devil? 666 as the devil’s number?

Even atheists have to admit that there is evil in the world. Men and women who lie, manipulate, and cheat without any sense of conscience. Guilt for them doesn’t exist, only anger and frustration when their ploy fails.

How ironic that Jared Kushner bought the 666 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan NY, skyscraper. He paid twice what anyone else ever paid for Manhattan real estate (1.8 billion dollars) and has a 1.4 billion dollar loan. Then the real estate market crashed and he was left with a big problem. To solve the problem he needed to use the airspace above and add 40 stories. What’s another 6 billion give or take a few bucks? So he followed the money to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Russia and who knows where else. Oh no, poor Jared. They weren’t and aren’t interested.

But wait…

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