Letter to my wounded πŸ‘ sheep; on how to become a warrior πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬

Dear wounded sheep,

Ever heard of what the world likes to call balls? Yes, I am afraid you’re gonna need that.

My name is warrior and I have been fighting with myself since age six. Atleast that is what I remember.

I have been dumb, broken, a loser and a winner all the same. My wool has been shaven and I have grown twice thicker the months next. I have fallen more than you can count. But guess what? Each time I fall, it is with my head facing up.#Mysignofhopeitis.

So I see the sky as quick as I have to: then I remind myself of where I want to be. So I get up real quick and act on my priorities. My desires… My dreams.

I am not asking much am I? I am only asking that you, my love, stop pressing yourself so hard. I am asking that you stop beating yourself about your past mistakes and look ahead. Yes, fragile one. Emotions are going to overshadow your reasoning sometimes but don’t let that last so long.

Carry on. Find yourself, kick yourself out of bed and up. Read the notes. Calculate the numbers. Turn up for the job interview, take the path you thought was rather dangerous. That’s how you play with the big guns. How you dine with the lions.

But one thing- Remember? Each time you fall; fall with your head facing up. Into the skies. That way, you’ll see the future and carry on.

Congratulations. Now send me a text when you make it there. You’ll realize my message was never for the bad.you’ll fly with the giants. Get off that bed and do the needful. You’re meant to be a warrior.


10 thoughts on “Letter to my wounded πŸ‘ sheep; on how to become a warrior πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬

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  1. There are times when I need a new vigour to carry on, I am happy you always provide that inspiration. Thanks for this text. It is really wonderful. Keep writing, we need your voice everyday. Am getting off my bed, and if I slip and fall, I will fall head to the skies.

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