On saying no. “Your future as a result of the choices you make today”.

So I have been reading today an article by Benjamin P Hardy on Medium.com about what you say yes to. and I couldn’t help but reflect on how my life has been running in the past and the repercussions of whatever I chose to agree to or not to.

Let’s do it this way. First of all, it’s entirely my fault that I  have neglected my blog for quite a while I don’t even have a proper excuse to give you. But the challenge is between fighting procrastination and claiming I have got much on my plate, or I am just plain lazy. Period. The good news is that on writing this article, I choose to post daily. As much as I can. So don’t run away.

Second, if you know me pretty well, you know exactly how I withdrew from a major college in Ghana last May and opted for a diploma in tourism, a decision that has had bitter repercussions and one that made everyone in my family come to a conclusion that there is something wrong with me. Also, you know very well that I have been up and about the globe trotting, an issue that has made my friends think that I am wealthy. Hello, I haven’t got there. But I am working on it and I am pretty sure that sooner than later, yes. I will be a multimillionaire. Who is with me in this? Check out how my online brand is doing so far. It’s a work in progress coming on pretty well.

Okay: Enough of that Chatter about myself. The question is, what did I say no to and what did I say yes to?

  • On being crazy – Yes.

It’s okay that my family and friends that don’t really know me well should call me crazy.  I know where I am going so my success always comes to catch them by surprise. No one knows how a crazy person should survive, in a society where we are restricted by norms, rules, religion and so much more. We would rather be sad and but loved by everyone else. um! I choose to be the crazy and happy. Have you been called crazy because of the size f your ambitions? You are not alone. I find myself calling Elon Musk’s ideas crazy much as he brings them to life. So if he is still enduring that, who am I? Crazy looks just fine on me.img_20171126_151724147431348.jpg

  • On faking happiness – No.

Yes, so I refuse to pretend that I am happy when I am not. To pursue a course just because everyone thinks it is right for me but I don’t see how. I refuse to leave for other people’s happiness. I choose to selfishly prioritize my dreams over anyone’s judgement. What do you choose? Entirely up to you my dear. Just remember your entire future depends on it.


  •  On being a traveler – Yes.                        Travelling makes me tick so what?

IMG_20180328_105420I want to do it and I will keep doing it as long as I breathe. My friend Prisca loves dancing. It is her passion and I have seen her go against all odds to make it happen. She is now harvesting the benefits. It doesn’t matter whether other people appreciate dancing and its values. Prisca does and that’s enough for her. She is feasting on the benefits. I am not saying it is a smooth path, but I mean, if you are willing to sacrifice enough for it, it will eventually work out. So don’t give up.

So what is it that you say yes to once again:? Choose wisely. It better be worth it. Do it for you. Not anyone else.

Remember? Like Benjamin P Hardy emphasizes in his post,

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.” — Warren Buffett

So once you know who you are, I am sure what you say yes to will be very limited. I am not telling you to be like me. But hey, I am not bad either. You can choose that too.

Find more of my motivation and adventures on my Instagramlunkuse_b_paulls Can’t wait to interact further with you there!

Au’revoir.img_20171114_104420489501866.jpg                             img_20171130_114331170272255.jpg



6 thoughts on “On saying no. “Your future as a result of the choices you make today”.

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  1. Yes my gal, this is so motivating. I personally admire your strength, positivity and determination. I agree with you on becoming a multillionaire.


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