The Rules of Money. Part 1.

This is an extract from Richard Templar’s book ‘The Rules of Money” and I hope you find it helpful. I will be posting it in parts. The book is also my current read. I would recommend that you probably grab yourself a copy.

Part I Thinking Wealthy 

1 Anybody Can Be Wealthy—You Just Need to Apply yourself.
2 Decide on Your Definition of Wealth.
3 Set Your Objectives .
4 Keep It Under Your Hat .
5 Most People Are Too Lazy to Be Wealthy .
6 Get a Reality Check .
7 Understand Your Money Beliefs and Where they come from .
8 Understand That Wealth Is a Consequence, not a Reward .
9 Decide What You Want Money For .
10 Understand That Money Begets Money .
11 Calculate the Net Return .
12 If You See Money as the Solution, You’ll Find It becomes the Problem.
13 You Can Make Lots of Money, You Can Enjoy Your Job and You Can Sleep Nights.
14 Don’t Make Money by Being Bad.
15 Money and Happiness—Understand Their Relationship.
16 Know the Difference Between Price and Value.
17 Know How the Wealthy Think.
18 Don’t Envy What Others Have.
19 It’s Harder to Manage Yourself Than It Is to Manage Your Money.



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