The Rules of Money. Part 2

Part II Getting Wealthy.

(Hello, here are more rules of money from @Richard.Templar’s book ‘TheRulesofMoney). Read through them carefully. You never know which one is going to be your biggest insight tonight. Enjoy your read!) Refer to the previous blog post to find part 1.

20 You’ve Got to Know Where You Are Before You Start.
21 You’ve Got to Have a Plan .
22 Get Your Finances Under Control .
23 Insurance Pays Someone, and Odds Are It’s Not You .
24 Only by Looking Wealthy Can You Become Wealthy .
25 Speculate to Accumulate (No, This Isn’t Gambling) .
26 Decide Your Attitude to Risk .
27 Think Through the Alternatives to Taking a Risk .
28 If You Don’t Trust Someone, Don’t Do Business With Them .
29 It’s Never Too Late to Start Getting Wealthy .
30 Start Saving Young (or Teach Your Kids This One If It’s Too Late for You) .
31 Understand That Your Financial Needs Change at Different Stages of Your Life .
32 You Have to Work Hard to Get Rich Enough Not to Have to Work Hard .
33 Learn the Art of Deal Making .
34 Learn the Art of Negotiating .
35 Small Economies Won’t Make You Wealthy but They Will Make You Miserable .
36 Real Wealth Comes from Deals Not Fees .
37 Understand That Working for Others Won’t Necessarily Make You Rich—but It Might .
38 Don’t Waste Time Procrastinating—Make Money Decisions Quickly .
39 Work as If You Didn’t Need the Money .
40 Spend Less Than You Earn .
41 Don’t Borrow Money—Unless You Really, Really Have To .
42 Consider Consolidating Debts .
43 Cultivate a Skill and It’ll Repay You Over and Over Again .
44 Pay Off Your Loans and Debts as a Priority .
45 Don’t Be Too Busy Earning a Living to Make Some Money .
49 Build a Bit of Capital, Then Invest It Wisely .
50 Understand That Property, in the Long Run, Will Not Outpace Shares .
51 Master the Art of Selling .
52 See Yourself as Others Do .
53 Don’t Believe You Can Always Win.
54 Don’t Pick Stocks Yourself If You Don’t Know What You’re Doing.
55 Understand How the Stock Market Really Works.
56 Only Buy Shares (or Anything) You Can Understand.
57 Use Your Head.
58 By All Means, Use the Investment Professionals (but Don’t Be Used by them).
59 If You Are Going to Get Financial Advice, Pay for It.
60 Don’t Fiddle.
61 Think Long Term.
62 Have a Set Time of Day to Work on Your Wealth Strategy.
63 Pay Attention to Detail.
64 Create New Income Streams.
66 Control Spending Impulses.
67 Don’t Answer Ads That Promise Get-Rich-Quick Schemes—It Won’t Be You Who Gets Rich Quick.
68 There Are No Secrets.
69 Don’t Just Read This—Do Something.


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