How to Make Chapattis From Home.

If you are East- African, Indian, or a frequent traveler, you must surely know about the Popular Chapati. Growing up, I had no idea that this could be a dish, was popular or that it was even considered a meal anywhere in the world. To me, it never pulled off as more than a snack until a few years ago when in Ghana I discovered it could be eaten for dinner, and that some cultures took it pretty seriously. Including the Indian, Kenyan, Lebanese, among others. Much as most of these cultures have a different name for it.

Okay, so let’s get the ball rolling. Here is what you’re going to need!

  • Wheat


  • Cooking Oil
  • Salad
  • Frying Pan
  • Gas and Pan


  • Rolling Stick
  • Water
  • Egg

Here’s How to;

  1. Pour wheat in a pan, add enough water, depending on the amount you want, start making the dough.
  2. Mix in eggs, and other salads… ( Ugandan Style)
  3. Mix and Mingle for some more time until dough is ready.
  4. Roll the dough into balls.


5. Then get rolling pin/ stick and start laying dough out into flat, circular shape. (Like Above)

6. After making dough ready, place it on frying pan to start making chapati. Turn it over and over to ensure it doesn’t get burnt.


From Step Five Above:


  1. Before finally putting on the pan, open circular balls of wheat you made, roll them with rolling pin to make them flat, smear surfaces with salad or more oil.


2. Roll them again, and make them flat again. Repeating above step.

3. Put on the pan and start heating.

( I learned this procedure from Ma Brenes)

See Pictures

Ma Brenes Caught me Taking Pictures … Had no option but to laugh it out. It was lovely!!! She’s fun with a good sense of humor.



I hope you learned something! Have good luck making your own home Chapatis.


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  1. Fffoooodddddd…. CCCCHHHHAAAAPPPPAAAATTTTIIIIIIIIIII….somebody say an Amen to that! I’ve always loved chapattis…though truthfully, I’ve never made them on my own.

    I don’t even know why…. (hihi)

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