A Being of Peace & a Story of Budha



My Soul…

So Much Peace

OM – The sound of the whole Cosmic Manifestation.
Shanti – Peace.


Om Shanti – Peace for all the humankind, peace for all living and non-living beings, peace for the universe, peace for each and everything in this whole cosmic manifestation.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti…

You probably remember one of my previous posts titled ‘The power of Choice’? (Click Here)

Well, I went on 23rd June to attend my first official meditation class and this is what I learned.


We reflected on;

  1. What one bad habit do you wish disappeared and why?
    (Take two minutes and reflect. If it changed, How would it affect your life in the three aspects above.)
  2. If that Habit disappeared, how would it make you feel?
  3. What beliefs were your choices based on?                                                                           


How do I respond?

  • I am in total control of how I respond and that is something I have to remind myself of over and over.

A story of Budha was told.

Photo Credit @ LunkuseBPaulls

One day Budha was seating under a tree and he was in deep meditation. Somewhere nearby, a person came to see Budha but was told that Budha was in deep meditation so it would be better if he left him for a while.
But that person saw this as an opportunity to go and disturb Budha and tempt him, to see if Budha was really a being of Peace.
So the person went and insulted Budha, but Budha never responded with a single word. The person got tired, went and returned.
Then he resumed from where he had stopped; This time attacking not only Budha but also Budha’s relatives and household. Budha never said a word or gave a reaction in response.

Giving You a Gift.

What Budha later taught is that if a person gives you a gift but you don’t take it, say you say, ‘No thank you.’, that gift remains the giver’s because you did not accept it. It remains his.


That is what a being of peace does. If a person Insults you and you respond back, then you have taken the gift they have given you.

What to remember is that in order to make choices, I need a clear conscious.
The way I respond is in my control. That’s why meditation is Important.

What do I need to have a clear Conscious?

  • Meditation.
    ( Meditation helps me to bring in that clarity.)
  • The Mind.
    (The Mind is the faculty of thinking)
  • Intellect (The Faculty that Decides)

So In your Journey to be a being of peace, think clearly about your choices, chances, and changes. Think about response and know that the way you respond is entirely up to you. I hope you always keep that story of Budha in your head, while the daily frustrations come your way, the provocations, or you have people deliberately making your life miserable. I hope that you remember all the choices that are entirely up to you!

Class Dismissed

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