So Saturday is apparently mostly a rugby day in Kenya and I had no idea about this until a couple of days ago when my host Brenes, mentioned that she would have to forego some responsibilities on Saturday just to attend the game. So I was like ‘wow!!’ How about you drag me along? I have never attended one of those games before.’ and she agreed.


I remember in High school some of my friends used to tell me their bodies were the way they were because they were rugby players. (You should have seen me yesterday drooling at people’s bodies. ha-ha). There is also a way in which Kyadondo Rugby Grounds in Uganda, is always on people’s lips in Kampala to such an extent that I feel it would be a shame to confess that I have never really been there.
But after attending yesterday’s game at RFUEA Ground in Nairobi, I am very certain I won’t be missing any more Rugby Games.

Brenes and Alex
Me and Brenes

Let me also confess that ever since my arrival in Kenya on 14th June, so many things have changed about me. Especially my perspective concerning sports. I find myself enjoying soccer and supporting teams for World Cup, two months ago I could frown at people who sit and spend 90 minutes watching soccer. Not anymore. And now it’s Rugby. So yes, I agree that with the saying that the only ‘constant’ is ‘change’. And if nothing about you changes from year to year, then my friend, I am sorry to inform you that you are not progressing.

Yesterday Saturday 30th June was also the day I met my friends from Ashesi University College. Friends I hadn’t seen since May 2017! Cheers! Let me take you through our pictures here. Also, feel free to Click here to watch the RUGBY GAMES videos on my Instagram Account and please, don’t forget to follow and engage with other posts. Cheers!!!



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