So I was learning from this YouTube Channel called VALUETAINMENT and I learned some of the traits that top people have. Now you should look around really and observe yourself or even your team. There are signs you are going to be successful. These are the traits and if you have some or even all, you are on your way to being successful. In other words, you’re a top performer.

Super Competitive.

  • Yes. Top people are really super competitive. Most of these are the people who barely had anything to their name but once they knew where they wanted to be, they got it moving. You know that guy who barely had anything in your neighborhood but started doing minor gigs four eyes ago and now he is the one everyone is looking up to? Yes. They don’t back out. They just have to make it by all means.

You Finish Things.

  • Yes. Top performers do not touch this and that and go off without finishing it. When they start a company, they have to see it work even if they fail 10,000 times. When they start reading a book, they must finish it. When they self-assign a task, they always, and must. Finish it. That’s why they are successful

Your Circle out earns you but you always come up at the top.

  • Remember in High School? We always had those people who had all the textbooks and resources they needed. They had all the tuition, and they always had extra something while the others didn’t. Then we had the guys who came to school with nothing. They would be kicked out to collect tuition over six times in a semester, they barely had books to revise, they barely had breakfast or lunch. They had to borrow books from the others who had all the resources. But guess what? Each time the results came out, these guys were at the top. With straight A+. They did not let their misfortune get in their way. And that’s the thing. When your circle out earns you but you still come up at the top, dude. Count yourself one of these guys. Super competitive.

Β YourΒ mind never stops.

  • never. They never come to a point when they say that they have made it all now they should stop. They always want to do this and that. finish this task, then the other, their mind is always up and about something. From one task to another.

Credible People see you going places.

  • yes. When you check top people’s circles even before they make it, the people they interact with can say firmly that they are going places. Their bosses, pastors, whoever it is, know that they are going places and there is no doubt. In just a matter of time, you will see them going places.

Β Always Learning.

  • Yup! Top performers don’t say they are done with learning as soon as their graduation day closes. Never. They are always learning this and that. Reading books, reading blogs, working out, they are always challenging themselves to newer levels. In other words, they are life-long learners. So if you want to get on this list, I guess it’s time to buckle up.

Extremely Obsessive

  • When top performers want something, they have to have it. They just have to. Failure to them is an option. When they say they want that app developed, that company running, when they have to buy that house or achieve that lifestyle, they won’t stop until they get there. They are very obsessive about their desires and needs and when someone or a circumstance has to come in between them and their mission or vision, the newcomer has to go. Because they want what they want bad enough they cannot put up with distractions.

HOLA! Here you are now. Exactly aware of what traits you’ll find common or that you might want to work on. You probably recognized yourself on the road to success? I hope this article helps! You might even visit the VALUETAINMENT channel on Youtube. I am sure there is a lot to learn & enjoy.

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Au revoir!



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