My Tuk – Tuk Experience.

Y’all wait. I haven’t told you my Tuk- tuk story.

So last week on Saturday I had my first experience in what is a called a Tuk-tuk. (See picture above)

Tuk tuks are used in some of the remote areas in Kenya where the matatus can’t go. I remember seeing them somewhere before. I am not sure whether it was in Dar es salaam , or it was in the Maldives. But what I know vividly is That in Asia, they are quite a thing.

In Uganda, last I checked there was a huge chaos about the introduction of Tuk-tuks. The taxi/ matatu drivers and as well boda boda motorists were saying these things would interfere with their customer base so they would rather prefer they don’t run in Kampala. I didn’t follow up. So I don’t know what really happened after that.

So this weekend, while going to and from work, where me and my team are doing mobilising in High-rise, we use a Tuk-tuk… It carries upto seven people. Can you believe it? At first I couldn’t believe it. Then I learned that they squeeze four of us in the back, then three people at the front. The driver seats in their midst.

The third passenger sits on the left hand side of the driver.

In this picture, the third passenger hasn’t come yet to sit on the left hand side of the driver

In this one, you can see two passengers and a driver in between
This is me having a picture moment before we are squeezed up


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