My Tuk – Tuk Experience.

Y'all wait. I haven't told you my Tuk- tuk story. So last week on Saturday I had my first experience in what is a called a Tuk-tuk. (See picture above) Tuk tuks are used in some of the remote areas in Kenya where the matatus can't go. I remember seeing them somewhere before. I am... Continue Reading →


iNside a potter’s bakery.

So I went for the first time last weekend inside a place named SYG. ( Soweto Youth Group) & in there my colleague introduced me to a man who makes all sorts of pottery. I was thrilled. Check pictures out! \ Machine used to make bricks Furnace. Where they hit the pottery and bricks from


Happiness is experienced when thoughts and actions are positive and selfless. It is the secret of making difficult things easy and heavy things light. No matter what happens, I should always hold on to my Happiness.

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