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Ten little things every Christian traveller must always carry.

Well, this may not always be a requirement only the Christian needs but being a Christian blogger, Yes. My list might be a little biased. And I can’t list whatever you need when you travel, but these little things are easy to forget.

  1. Your Bible

As a believer, your life depends on the word. It’s how you grow. The word is your daily meal. This is why you must always carry your Bible with you. It’s for your personal benefit, a reminder of the choice you made when you chose Jesus. (If you are non-Christian, carry the Holly book for your religious dominion) Make sure your choice is portable and comfortable.

2.A thick cotton scarf and a hut. Some people I know think you must be asthmatic to wear a scarf. Honey you’re wrong. Yes. You might be up-to date with the weather forecast, but there is a time you planned to camp in a place only twelve hours but you found yourself staying for 48hours and you hadn’t even planned for day two.

3.A torch. I really don’t need to give you a lecture about this. Just because you come from New York City where every other day you have power doesn’t mean the case is similar allover the globe. As a person who travels a lot within Uganda , I know that not every other little village out there has power. And sometimes it’s just off. So who guarantees that the tent you are crashing at at this particular safari park, has power bright enough to allow you scheme trough your journal or novel? A torch just makes your life easier.

4.A pair of shades. We all know what this means. It shines slot where I come from. Sometimes it’s windy so you need your shades, that you don’t look like you are at the verge of tears. And fashionably, you’re in for a swing. Actually, who says Christians shouldn’t be fashionable?

5.A Christian booklet. Yes. It’s like waiting in a queue for the next person to get whatever they came for at some random store. Or going for some auditions and you have to wait for twenty eight other girls to go before you. You know your lines. So what next? Read that Rhapsody of realities you came with. You need some Divine wisdom in your head right now. You need to know God is working. So this is a traveller’s way. You can’t walk that plain. Come on!

6.A lighter.

Don’t even dare to think that this is about the pack of cigarettes your grand pap has always walked around with ever since he retired. Maybe slightly yes, if you’re travelling with the entire extended family, but this is about your survival during the expedition or scouts trip in the northern Volta. Yes. Just know you will need that fire for some reason.

7. A sweater


8. Simple shoes/ sandals or even sneakers

9. An extra pair of pants. (I advise baggy and comfortable)

10. A pair or two of socks

The reason for all the above is pretty obvious and if you don’t want to believe me, still, just pack them before you set off because sweetheart, believe me you will need each one of them.

Feel free to add another requirement in the comment section below, and enjoy your travels! I am off for mine!

Au revoir!

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So word has been getting round. About how healthy one should be, or at least what they ought not to eat and etcetera. But truth be told. All these talks matter. Let’s just admit about one thing at least. That out of a million words said,  one line will be helpful to you.

You are what you eat. What you dress, how you look. Before you even introduce yourself, a little summation about your personality will have been made by the character/ behaviour analyst sitting across. I have been confronted on afew occasions. By a few people at the cafeteria. “Eishh!! Betty, I can see you’re getting all traditional.

The stuff that matter

All these local dishes and greens and stuff” They say.  And well, truth be told. yes I am. All these strange processed foods turn me off. To be honest, I don’t see why people get so excited about oily & fried stuff and mcdonalds and pizza hat and etcetera.

My body just reached a point where it won’t take what it won’t take. And it won’t force. Now this is why you need to think about the title of this article.

These processed things

It’s like asking a model why she wears long skirts yet other models do  otherwise, why she goes to church whilst everyone else goes clubbing, or why she sticks to a childhood boy-friend who is not in the limelight like other stars or wanna be’s be.

To make things clear, people get tired. that is why all this matters. Now I want you to stop listening to the noise from without, listen to the small voice from within. The voice you’re trying to suppress. The voice that is telling you things that you know are the right things.

Don’t shut it down. Because If you start paying more attention to that voice, you’ll realize that you don’t have to choose ice-cream over mango juice because all your friends are. That you don’t have to dress skimpy to fit in, that you don’t have to tag along where you don’t belong. Hanie, there is so much in you. Don’t give up on yourself too early.

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So I was wondering for long why it so happened that some people had the same experience over and over again. Like let’s say retaking a course over and over or staying with an abusive spouse, sticking to friends who bad-mouth you etcetera and etcetera. The list is endless.

It was then that I landed on TD Jakes’s preaching about the power of changing your mind. This is what I learned.

  • You will never be a failure.

I know it might sound a bit of*.  But I guess you understand. Let it not sound in someway, but truth is, a changed person will never be the same again. You will never do the same things you used to do. You’ll find it hilarious that at some point you were so limited, so helpless.You’ll also notice how you tackle challenges with a new wave energy that you never had before. And guess what? You’ll won’t fail at whatever you commit yourself to. It doesn’t mean that you won’t make silly decisions again, but you will always correct yourself and move to the right path.

  • You’ll never be vulnerable or even desperate again.

We’ve all been there. At some point you’ve wanted someone so bad that they’ve started treating you like you don’t matter. But you stick around. Because you’re desperate for their love. Their affection.  A person with a changed mind does not insist on where he doesn’t belong or feel welcome. He builds the right relationships, acknowledges his mistakes, and moves in a morally upright. You won’t settle for less if you are a person with a changed mind.

There is a lot more and more. But meanwhile you can ponder on these or watch video here.


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How to be happy and live long.

We’ve all been there. That time when we are frustrated and we don’t wanna talk to anyone. Well, who knows? Maybe you want to live miserably and die young. But if you are reading this, then sweetheart you are in the right place. Take note. There is no mistake here. The tips below will help you stay happy and live long. It is what I chose to do long ago(Well, not really long but long enough images). That is why I am still young and healthy. And of course leaving long! So here are my tips.

No.1 Know what you want. 

There is no way you are going to be happy when you don’t know what you want. Failure to learn what you want would be a free ticket to living miserably. But well, who knows. Not me. Try as much as you can to discover your passion, interests and dislikes, so you wont find yourself at a golf-course when you should be at the swimming pool.

No.2 Stay away from toxic people.

You know those people? The ones you see and your blood boils? The ones who will never meet you without leaving a bad comment? Well, you don’t need to stay around such people. They are real energy drainers I am telling you.friends So tip 2. Let them be and do you. I will warn you though. Most of the negative people in your life are your friends. So be careful the friends you choose. I can testify about that. And sweetheart you don’t need to endure what I endured. Close some doors today.

No.3. Get the right partner.

Now this is very important. You gotta date the right girl or guy if you wanna be happy. Relationships where you fight every day are exhausting. images-1Having a partner who is milking you or taking your efforts for granted is even more painful. Better  be wise and choose the right person. Like Mary and John here.. Right for each otherdownload

No.4. Have someone to lean on.        

 images-3 We’ve all heard those times of trouble. When we cry yet to one can see our tears. Honey you don’t wanna go there. Trust me I have been there. So here is what you do. Get a shoulder to lean. I suggest the person better be divine though. In other words, know God! It doesn’t matter your religious doctrines. As long as you serve a God. Just stay there with him. Because honey, you ain’t running nowhere I am telling you. The Divine will help. God always does it way better than the humans.

No.5. Do what you love.

 images-4  Well, why on earth would you have to do what you don’t like? Who is forcing you? And why do you allow them to? You’re your number one person. So I don’t get it when you say I was forced, or I have to. Well, if there is some benefit for you, you might really have to think hard whether you don’t wanna do it. But once you discover that that is not you, why even pull the strings? Just drop it and leave. Do what you love. You will prosper even more.

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How to Look stylish in a long dress…

Long dresses can sometimes be challenging to wear… For some people, it comes easier with long dresses where as some rather prefer the short/mini dresses. Let’s check this look first…


As long as you acquire that look you yearn for, we are good to go.


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Our objective is to provide a better creative product to our clients. That’s why we do what we do. -RAM PHOTOGRAPHY.

Ola!  You must be sure I missed you.  Okay that aside, guess what I found you today… Ram Photography… Bang! Bang! Here we go…

Model-Shalom Esther -Crystal Models  ***RAM PHOTOGRAPHY

Formally known as Ronnie Rains and McJames Photography, RAM is one of the most prominent photography bodies that I know of. Located at Kyebando off Gayaza Road Kampala Uganda,. It is run by two photographers: Ronnie Rains Bwire and Rusoke Michael Ndondo, who are ready to explore the reality in extreme creativity to one’s life, product, and business as well.

RAM PHOTOGRAPHY***  Model: Ismail Modellite Mubiru. Crystal Models Africa



“With our back ground in cinematography and graphic design, we stand and believe in the power of mind. Our minds are for creativity, yet your assignments are our ambition to a better product.” In his own words, Ronnie Rains says.

RAM PHOTOGRAPHY majors in fashion, Documentaries, Family Portraits, Events, commercial and product photography.

People in pictures include, Model Jean Jovita Kobusingye. Also actress in Ugandan T.V series Hostel, Joel Zimbe- photographer, Cathy, Stella Nakitende, Gareth Molly, Tugume Rogers- model and Law student at KIU, Shalom Esther, Ismail Modellite, Effe- poet and musician. All  photography done by RAM.

Ronnie also says that RAM PHOTOGRAPHY’s objective is to provide a better creative product to its  clients, and also emphasizes that their minds are creativity and ready to explore reality to a better product and business. – That’s why we do what we do.

Model’ Gareth Molly. – Crystal Models Africa…



Deciding which line of career it is that you want to pursue makes things a lot easier for you than being indecisive or a jack at all trades. Deciding which career it is that you want therefore makes your efforts a lot more productive.


Knowing several details about your line of career is very helpful as you’re equipped with knowledge. This will thus help you in decision making while you scratch your way to the  top. You will know which steps are bad for you and which ones will put you to the  top hence  making you the confidence.


  1. FOCUS:

It’s your way, your choice, your career. You either make it to the billionaire you’ve always desired or the beggar. You decide to either prosper or fail by how focused and how much you are willing to sacrifice for your dream. With more focus, chances are that you’ll succeed.


No man is an island. With a larger network, things are likely to work out even easier that you expected. Even if you’re not starting from scratch, a broad network is very essential.  I didn’t have a coin when I set out to be a model. I didn’t have money to join me to an agency or modeling school. But things began to work out when my network broadened. I made friends with   photographers, fashion houses, makeup artists and things began to work out well. No money to get me a camera, not part of an agency, well… a friend would give me a camera, another costumes, and I go pose.  Guess what? My photo shoots turned out beautiful and one would be compelled to ask me how much I spent on it. Only to realize didn’t even invest a coin. Connections,  good networking. That’s how things work out for most of us who have to start a career from scratch.


  1. BE OUT GOING/ OPEN MINDED:download (1)

As a starter and dreamer, you need to find ways to make it to where you want to be. Don’t cling to your own choices and ideas alone. Share with others and accept where correction need be made.  The  more open minded you are, the more chances of improving, learning more, and even building a broader net-work are.

Stay in touch with me on Social Media
Stay in touch with me on Social Media


There’s that time when you’re so goddamn stressed that you can’t think of doing anything. You push hard, but you’re uneasy. Your very stress lets you down. For some, stress is actually a booster that pushes them to go harder, while for some, stress is what keeps you pinned to the ground and doing nothing productive except complaining about how unfair the world is doing to you, and how busy you’re.    Today, I bring you simple ways in which you can relieve yourself off stress:

  1. Drink plenty of water:

Drinking plenty of water will not only make you feel fresh, but will also do lots of positives to your brain. You’ll look healthier, lively, it will rejuvenate your look and one may not even realize you’re stressed.  So the more water you drink, the fresher and stronger it is for you to carry along with your daily activities.

  1. Exercise:

There is nothing as frustrating as doing almost everything in vain. You work, but you do not enjoy.  You have lots of responsibilities pulling you here and there, much pressure, that you’ve even become bitter and stress is all you know. With exercise, you will make your body stronger for other activities. You’ll give it the strength to carry on with your daily activities.  Whether you choose to exercise daily, twice or once a week, it makes a difference. A few hours or minutes every day whether a walk, a gym, dance, will do your body better and relieve you off stress.

A woman laying on a meadow full of camomiles, dressed in a white gown, posing in a lazy , sleepy manner.
A woman laying on a meadow full of camomiles, dressed in a white gown, posing in a lazy , sleepy manner.
  1. Have enough Rest:

Little or no rest will keep you exhausted, moody, unhealthy, and more tired than your expectations. We all want to work hard and achieve big but none of these would come out excellently if each day we spend at work we feel tired, moody, and thus less love and appreciation for our efforts. In order to keep all this stress off your shoulder, all you need to do is have enough rest.

  1. Keep in touch with nature;

You may notice that each day you spend in your office from 8:00am to 5:00pm is another load of stress. You hate Mondays, you jubilate on Fridays. You only cherish weekends because that’s when you do your laundry.  Imagine what it feels like spending an hour under a cool shade or next to pool.   You feel relieved and even know better of how to manage your emotions.  Keeping in touch with nature will thus keep you off the stress you feel while in your office, on your mobile phone 27/7 or in front of Desktop.


And finally,

  1. Take a break:

You’re human not a robot. Even a robot can be shut down. Take a break! You don’t need to shut out family, friends or entertainment just because you have a lot of work.   Locking yourself in an office, or working overtime won’t solve a thing… It lonely increases the stress while you think you’re covering piles. Go for a vacation, throw a party and have some fun. You’ll be stronger to perform your duties while you make life enjoyable.

Stay in touch with me on Social Media
Stay in touch with me on Social Media


  1. BE EASY; you don’t need to be tough on people or take yourself so seriously if you want to make new friends or add on your friend list.


  1. SMILE; some people wonder why others have plenty of friends while they’ve got none. You’ve heard someone complain of not being liked and they even make a fuss about it. Some even mourn over it. But seriously, how do you expect someone to approach you with that with that gloomy face always wear. She will definitely opt for the smiley one. Mark you smiley faces are not only beautiful but rather appealing and intriguing… It doesn’t mean that you should walk with both jaws out in order to impress people, for they will take you for pathetic then. Instead, wear that beautiful calm look. The smiley eyes aint a crime as well. But I mean, you opt for that gloomy tough look and yet expect others to find you approachable? Definitelycritical-friends-home

You may wonder what it takes for lovers or a couple of best friends to stay together and maintain their relationship for that long. You’ve probably lost a couple of best friends because of getting so personal. Being easily offended is not helpful in any way. It’ll instead keep you angry and to yourself that in the end you are left alone.


It isn’t a crime giving a friend a gift. Some are afraid of expenses… well it isn’t as good news, but you don’t need to be a billionaire to give presents to a dear friend. Something simple is enough. A surprise peck, a pretty little necklace, a novel, a song dedication, and   damn! And you’ve rocked one’s world already.


Don’t push them away in their time of need. Standing by her or him will show one that you care enough, for good for worse, she/ him knows that’s what it takes. It’s a lot easier to make and maintain friends than it is for a loner in most cases…

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Stay in touch with me on Social Media