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How to be happy and live long.

We’ve all been there. That time when we are frustrated and we don’t wanna talk to anyone. Well, who knows? Maybe you want to live miserably and die young. But if you are reading this, then sweetheart you are in the right place. Take note. There is no mistake here. The tips below will help you stay happy and live long. It is what I chose to do long ago(Well, not really long but long enough images). That is why I am still young and healthy. And of course leaving long! So here are my tips.

No.1 Know what you want. 

There is no way you are going to be happy when you don’t know what you want. Failure to learn what you want would be a free ticket to living miserably. But well, who knows. Not me. Try as much as you can to discover your passion, interests and dislikes, so you wont find yourself at a golf-course when you should be at the swimming pool.

No.2 Stay away from toxic people.

You know those people? The ones you see and your blood boils? The ones who will never meet you without leaving a bad comment? Well, you don’t need to stay around such people. They are real energy drainers I am telling you.friends So tip 2. Let them be and do you. I will warn you though. Most of the negative people in your life are your friends. So be careful the friends you choose. I can testify about that. And sweetheart you don’t need to endure what I endured. Close some doors today.

No.3. Get the right partner.

Now this is very important. You gotta date the right girl or guy if you wanna be happy. Relationships where you fight every day are exhausting. images-1Having a partner who is milking you or taking your efforts for granted is even more painful. Better  be wise and choose the right person. Like Mary and John here.. Right for each otherdownload

No.4. Have someone to lean on.        

 images-3 We’ve all heard those times of trouble. When we cry yet to one can see our tears. Honey you don’t wanna go there. Trust me I have been there. So here is what you do. Get a shoulder to lean. I suggest the person better be divine though. In other words, know God! It doesn’t matter your religious doctrines. As long as you serve a God. Just stay there with him. Because honey, you ain’t running nowhere I am telling you. The Divine will help. God always does it way better than the humans.

No.5. Do what you love.

 images-4  Well, why on earth would you have to do what you don’t like? Who is forcing you? And why do you allow them to? You’re your number one person. So I don’t get it when you say I was forced, or I have to. Well, if there is some benefit for you, you might really have to think hard whether you don’t wanna do it. But once you discover that that is not you, why even pull the strings? Just drop it and leave. Do what you love. You will prosper even more.

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How to Look stylish in a long dress…

Long dresses can sometimes be challenging to wear… For some people, it comes easier with long dresses where as some rather prefer the short/mini dresses. Let’s check this look first…


As long as you acquire that look you yearn for, we are good to go.


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Black Lips… The inner secret…

IMG-20160531-WA0009I went to pay my friend Makani a visit… Honestly, nothing had crossed my mind. I’d not even thought of having a photoshoot at the moment. So I opened the door and bang! There she was, experimenting with make-up, and all I had to do was join in. That was when I discovered the secret. Black Lipstick!

I had never tried it. But I knew every tougher girl I’d seen around in my college was using it. The magic was in how it gave me a completely different look I almost forgot myself.


Usually Chic with pink, red, or purple lipstick, I found myself appearing more assertive and confident than I’d ever imagine. So here is the look. Black Lips, A grey scarf, that gave me a totally African look, a black crop top within, plus an African-Print Overall… If it is..and Bang! I’m achieving  my  ultimate model look…

It’s great to experiment!

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Our objective is to provide a better creative product to our clients. That’s why we do what we do. -RAM PHOTOGRAPHY.

Ola!  You must be sure I missed you.  Okay that aside, guess what I found you today… Ram Photography… Bang! Bang! Here we go…

Model-Shalom Esther -Crystal Models  ***RAM PHOTOGRAPHY

Formally known as Ronnie Rains and McJames Photography, RAM is one of the most prominent photography bodies that I know of. Located at Kyebando off Gayaza Road Kampala Uganda,. It is run by two photographers: Ronnie Rains Bwire and Rusoke Michael Ndondo, who are ready to explore the reality in extreme creativity to one’s life, product, and business as well.

RAM PHOTOGRAPHY***  Model: Ismail Modellite Mubiru. Crystal Models Africa



“With our back ground in cinematography and graphic design, we stand and believe in the power of mind. Our minds are for creativity, yet your assignments are our ambition to a better product.” In his own words, Ronnie Rains says.

RAM PHOTOGRAPHY majors in fashion, Documentaries, Family Portraits, Events, commercial and product photography.

People in pictures include, Model Jean Jovita Kobusingye. Also actress in Ugandan T.V series Hostel, Joel Zimbe- photographer, Cathy, Stella Nakitende, Gareth Molly, Tugume Rogers- model and Law student at KIU, Shalom Esther, Ismail Modellite, Effe- poet and musician. All  photography done by RAM.

Ronnie also says that RAM PHOTOGRAPHY’s objective is to provide a better creative product to its  clients, and also emphasizes that their minds are creativity and ready to explore reality to a better product and business. – That’s why we do what we do.

Model’ Gareth Molly. – Crystal Models Africa…
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You’ve definitely seen some woman or man on your way to the park and you vow you never intend to look like him or her for even a second. And you obviously don’t want to be branded the rough and dry skinned one in your neighborhood. Okay, here are some of the ways you can nail that   by keeping your skin healthy, attractive, and smooth.


  1. Drink plenty of water. This is one of the ways you can keep a beautiful healthy skin without much stress over  buying expensive skin oils and soaps.3ltrs of water or even more per day are one way of acquiring a healthy skin and more so feeling lively.
  2. Eat plenty of fruits; Fruits such as avocado, carrots, apples, mangoes, etc are helpful in building a healthy and adorable skin.
  3. Choose a particular lotion, versa line, or body oil for skin especially the face. Well, while some skins are flexible, and one can use any oils they come across, others are very sensitive and they react immediately upon what has been applied. To avoid such risks, one therefore ought to go for skin tests and determine which kind of foods are good for your skin,
  4. Get rid of fungus; Fungal infections are ignored by some people yet on most cases its even almost late for treatment. What a loss! What a ruined look! Imagine a very beautiful lady with ring worm in the back.  It’s definitely a turn off. Talk of your sexy prince charming guy with ring worm around the neck and chest.  Oops!  What a huge knock off! Even though your partner may make several attempts to your further romances but after the realization of the illness, it might not be easy for you to win their heart in regards of intimacy.
  5. Use natural oils; Oils such as olive oil, almond oil, aloe Vera, may make it nice for you. So why not opt for these beautiful natural oils better for your skin than the treated animal oils like glycerin.


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