The Golden Rule.

You have the power to think what you want, No matter what the circumstance.



When top performers want something, they have to have it. They just have to. Failure to them is an option. When they say they want that app developed, that company running, when they have to buy that house or achieve that lifestyle, they won't stop until they get there. They are very obsessive about their desires and needs and when someone or a circumstance has to come in between them and their mission or vision, the newcomer has to go. Because they want what they want bad enough they cannot put up with distractions.


Love is the ingredient which creates and sustains relationships and interactions. It is the catalyst for change and development. When I love others for who they are, it increases their self esteem.


Happiness is experienced when thoughts and actions are positive and selfless. It is the secret of making difficult things easy and heavy things light. No matter what happens, I should always hold on to my Happiness.

The Power of Choice

Yoga Center Westlands Nairobi   To have real power is to be able to make your own choices at your own consent. And being able to make your own choices is the first step to being responsible. Knowing that you face all the repercussions from the decisions you made without pointing fingers to other people.... Continue Reading →

The Rules of Money. Part 2

Part II Getting Wealthy. (Hello, here are more rules of money from @Richard.Templar's book 'TheRulesofMoney). Read through them carefully. You never know which one is going to be your biggest insight tonight. Enjoy your read!) Refer to the previous blog post to find part 1. Rule: 20 You’ve Got to Know Where You Are Before... Continue Reading →

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