500 Words

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When I started this whole blogging-every-day thing, I decided the rule had to be 500 words written in a day.  And I meant to hold myself to writing 500 words somewhere in the writing day, whether it was my blog post or the novel I was working on,…

No Pastors Necessary

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I worship in a quiet place. There are no crowds. No megaphones or speakers. No screaming. You don’t have to dress up if you don’t want to. There’s no spiritual warfare. Just a focus on a social gospel: treating people like full human beings. Trying to improve this world we’ve…

Aeroquest… Canto 11

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Canto 11 – Planet of the Cave Man       The planet itself was smaller than Earth, but possessed a lot more land space.  Its oceans were limited to five vast and separate land-locked lakes.  Vegetation was remarkably sparse, but what grew was tenacious and very much alive.  What…

My Advice Quotes #169

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“Don’t be a slave to foods and drinks by drinking and eating too much of it everyday.” Raul Conde (Writer)

Who Are You Really, Old Man?

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A wizened old man in a wizard’s robe walked up to a twelve-year-old boy. “Okay, ask your question, and make it good.” “What?” said the boy.  “Who are you, old man?” “Never mind who I am.  I can answer the ultimate question.  I have lived a long life. …