My Tuk – Tuk Experience.

Y'all wait. I haven't told you my Tuk- tuk story. So last week on Saturday I had my first experience in what is a called a Tuk-tuk. (See picture above) Tuk tuks are used in some of the remote areas in Kenya where the matatus can't go. I remember seeing them somewhere before. I am... Continue Reading →


New Friends.

I made new friends this morning at the Soweto - KIBRA Resource Centre where I am working with the Kenyan ministry of health to mobilize and sensitise the people in Nairobi about polio, while also getting ready to immunise the children age five and below. Soweto is a tough slum. I found these kids today... Continue Reading →

The Power of Choice

Yoga Center Westlands Nairobi   To have real power is to be able to make your own choices at your own consent. And being able to make your own choices is the first step to being responsible. Knowing that you face all the repercussions from the decisions you made without pointing fingers to other people.... Continue Reading →

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