5 ways to defunk: How I get out of bad moods

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When was the last time you were in a funk (bad mood)? Last week? 5 days ago? Or probably as you’re reading this now? Are you looking for ways to bounce back from these bad moods?

(Photography by Hakeem Salaam)

I recently got into one last week which surprised me, surprisingly. This made me realize that even when you try to stay calm in all things, life’s unpredictability can catch you off guard. And that’s ok as long as it you don’t overstay your welcome in funk town. Because what will happen is that you’ll and get funked up and that affects the energy you’re giving back into the world. You might be asking, so how do i get back to my usual self? Well, I’ve been experimenting with a few life hacks I’d like to share if you’re interested. Here are 3 ways I defunk and carry on living…

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Not so long ago I self diagnosed with what I like to call the bed syndrome. I am not sure science has discovered anything of this sort yet. But on this blog, you are most likely to find such terms. Definition The bed syndrome is when you can not stay far away from your bed.... Continue Reading →

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