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Not so long ago I self diagnosed with what I like to call the bed syndrome.

I am not sure science has discovered anything of this sort yet. But on this blog, you are most likely to find such terms.


The bed syndrome is when you can not stay far away from your bed. Not for so many hours at least. And the bed has to be top comfy. With the bed syndrome, a comfortable bed is the first priority in whatever residence you are at, because your activities revolve around there. You can stay in the house for a week without other people noticing except the family members. Your entire lifestyle, even after the gym session, comes back to bed. Your bed is probably full of books and your basic needs are not so far from the bed.

Reminder, you are or may not  have any physical disability in any way. This includes being obese. You could be very healthy.


  • Boarding school syndrome.                    Because in boarding school, all you have to do is go to the lecture hall and as soon as you enter the dormitory, you know what next. Bed. Reading novels, bed. Talking, hosting friends, eating, all these things happen on your bed. So after six years in boarding school, it is a hustle to push this syndrome out of your system.

    This image has been extracted from Google 🤔🤔🤔©warnings
  • Online employment.                                  Tell me about it! For as long as your photography is making it on shutterstock, your website is hitting it with traffic, your freelance writing career for which ever sites is doing it for you, what can really be the problem? All you do is sit on your bed, type, edit and upload. I don’t know if you get it here, but how many of you know someone whose office is the comfort of their bed?

    This image belongs to casper blog 😌
  • Digital Existence.                                Not  so different from the online employment. But as long as we can earn money via our mobiles and laptops, while we are seated anywhere, we are all digital. All this boasts the bed syndrome.                 
  • How I discovered this?             Noticed that as much as I travel, my bed, at any time of day, is still the biggest comfort. I can sit and work there for over 12hours. With no complaint. I have learned to be a night hawk on bed. Insomnia previously found me. On my bed! After 6hours of hiking, I get a shower and run back to my bed. While in a plane, I want everything to be as comfortable as my bed.
  • I want the comfort of my douve almost everywhere.

    Image credit @NOZNOZNOZ
  • Then we say it’s not the bed syndrome? I am curious if anyone else is going through the same. Because if I am the only one, then this is running out of hand.
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Here is the thing with jealous partners.

Hey, so I have been fighting some sort of writer’s block for the past two days as much as I want to tell myself that it’s damn not real.

But the constant nagging of a jealous partner provoked me that much I had to write. Good or bad? Duh!!! Just sucks right? When he keeps texting like, I know you’ve been talking to them other guys… I mean duh!!! 😎😎😎😎 Spare me the nightmare.😌

And here is the thing with such guys. I don’t care if your partner is male or female… All the same.

  • They suck the life out of you.🤐👹👹

Yeah? These people literally suck the goddamn breath out of you. What I don’t understand is whether they get any satisfaction out of the constant nagging. Whether they do it to truly stress you intentionally or they are genuinely just like that. I mean what☠️, I don’t worry about your phone. Why do you worry about mine to the extent that you suck the life out of me. When I am like, I have to get to sleep now and he is like, #yeah, after all you are done chatting with other men. 😴😴😴 Bores the heck out of me.

  • They are insecure.

Now I understand that every once in a while we want our partner to be jealous. But we don’t want them to over do it to the extent that we have no opposite sex friends in our life. Why they do it? I think it is their insecurity. They keep telling themselves every second you’re not allover them that you are going to be snatched away by some one else. Mtcheeewwwww 👽👽👽🤖

  • Be careful. Their insecurity is contagious 🗣️.

So these people keep stressing you about what you have been doing, who you have been talking to among others to the extent that if you’re not careful, you are likely to end up like them. That moment when they send you a frowning emoji and you’re like. Is he angry I chatted with Joe? And Joe is your all time tight friend. But he doesn’t know even Joe exists. Then you are angry too. In the long run, just be careful.

Jealous partners, I know you are reading this. Please, just cut it down a little bit. Might never know why all the guys or babes leave you. Don’t over do this thing. Be reasonable even with your jealous. Otherwise, don’t be so shocked at how contemptuous your other half has become. Wanna really make it work?


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First time I talked to a relative I considered superior at the time, I was so offended. Yes, this person was an adult but I wondered why she never seemed to be in control of anything.  If I asked her for something, she would have to ask someone else first. Her superior as well, even in a position where she could have taken the decision on her own. I mean, we decide on things every second of our life. Duh! 😴😴😴 My relative here had another problem as well. She could never say no. To anyone, who asked her for anything, even if she had to seek permission from twenty other people? 😎

So I tried to learn about why some people find it hard to say no. And this is what I found!

Fear of rejection😱: 

 If someone rejects you because of your conviction, you both somewhere somehow do not match on a certain level so it can’t work out. Whatever it is! But some people cannot say no to some requests, proposals, or even vices that later become addictions just because the proposer might reject them after they say what they prefer. But this is really not necessary.  Saying no to things you don’t want boosts your confidence. It just makes you more likeable to some of us. The secret is simple. BE YOU✌️✌️✌️.

They are afraid of losing the relationship😷💑.

Yes, I know a girlfriend who could not tell 🤐her boyfriend that she didn’t like it when he used her towel and toothbrush just because she was afraid she might lose him (I mean what the heck?😈😈😈😈). They might break up or get into a fight, which she really didn’t want. So she goes ignoring him for whatever he does just because? The heck this memory makes me sick🤒🤕. What is wrong with some people?

Fear of loss of opportunity😹

Yes! This is also very important to note. Some people won’t say no to some things just because they are afraid of losing an opportunity. The man who interviewed you at a Job is consistently calling, asking you for a night out. You really don’t want him, but because he is the key to your future, you have to say yes. Sleep with him, you might get that job. Then I don’t know what happens after. Because he may still choose not to give you the job anyway after he has slept with you.

So, it is so simple. 🤦‍♀️Quit these fakades and be you. Why does one have to put up with so much crap? You don’t like it, say no to it. YOLO. That simple! 🙊Can’t be expecting some other person doing their game step all-over you! We have all been rejected numerous times but it didn’t stop us from breathing. So honey, cut the crap and drive your life confidently🤷‍♀️.

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Insomnia! Who is really to blame? 

He told me I needed more hours of sleep.  There was no way I could sleep at 2 am and be up by 8am he insisted. And to him,  this idea was crazy and unhealthy. (yes, I know it’s unhealthy but it’s not me who does it. Its my brain. 😿😿😿😿😿😿) 

Except, for many years  I thought less sleep was rather good for me.  For my self development health. I was being active.  Very productive. I  was spending my hours as a night owl getting better than my previous self. Reading blogs from Richard Branson,  stalking entrepreneurs,  harassing my kindle, typing a new novel idea, or re-watching The Bourne Legacy. Films have taught me this. Books have taught me this. Motivational speakers have taught me this.  To be the best at your game, to out-compete the others, to be the champion,  you have to work while they sleep. dream on,  work on, it’s how we become number one in class and be Ben Carsons. How we get scholarships,  how we become the best athletes.  How we become the best in our fields.  Work at it restlessly. Until you make it.(now I can confess I haven’t made it there yet, but with all this positive vibe from Will Smith and Les Brown, I am sure I am on track).  See, It was the only way I knew.  How could people sleep for 12hours? Did they have no dreams?  No ambitions? Look, I am just trying to be better than I was yesterday. To be the kind of global citizen I fancy.  Shouldn’t I be rewarded for my effort? 

 All the billionaire romances presented my billionaire as a hard worker.  He had seen a lot as a child,  so he took every hour to improve himself. And that is where I drew my inspiration. Telling myself I would be restless until I made it.   See,  it’s really the state in which I was raised.  The one I put myself into.

  What about boarding school? Isn’t it our parents that took us there?  To be better children, presentable academicians?  Excellent performers?  

School wardens or matrons banging our dormitory doors at 4am? So who am I to be blamed?  I have read the dangers of sleeplessness and I know. Yet I have practiced this habit for so long, I can no longer just walk away from it. So my brain knows that when we have slept five hours,  we are both up. About and active.  Not like I have no intention of living to old age, but I am just curious?  Is there any one else who goes through what I go through? And if so, who is to blame? Because as much as I would like to admit that this self improvement race is all on me, it all started eight years ago. When I was fourteen, and my parents thought boarding school was for the better me, and my school thought 4am was the time I was supposed to be up. And I thought night howling was the game.  Except, my night owling was never compensated for that much during day.  It has never been. Now for a person who studied under such a system for six years, had their share of this pain/ 4-5 hour sleep routine in college for an extra more years? 

 Is  insomnia really their problem,  because while I can put such days behind me,  I still struggle to sleep ‘the normal/healthy’ prescriptions that our health enthusiasts emphasise. Yet I know they are right. But there is a major problem.  The hours are dropping ranging between 3 to 5 or slightly higher sometimes . waking up various times while trying to stay asleep,  but this thing is really not working.  And if there is a mission unaccomplished, we won’t sleep at all! 

Its a major struggle. No sleep if there is pressure.  For over the years and with this adulthood,  amidst responsibilities and dreams, the case has even worsened.  Then what bred what?  These things bred each other, and we ended up with a bunch of insomniacs…  Very productive individuals who don’t sleep.  Teens and adults.  Creatives and workers… 

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I was reading an entrepreneur’s journal and learned that a person is a combination of five other people he or she spends more time with.

But then I thought, how about those of us who spend hours away tucked away on our couches reading books and entrepreneurship journals? How about the one who spends  20/24 hours of his time in a chemistry lab? I got confused about people like me. Those that choose our comfort zones of books and being lone travelers or even lone photographers, over the company of other people.

That was when I remembered. The Alchemist!  Are shepherds like sheep? They say they learn more from staying in the wild with sheep than they do from minimal exchanges with other humans. So I opened my kindle and got back to this book. “The Alchemist”. And here are ten important lessons I learned. images (3)


Yes. It is that simple. A person who truly loves you will never stop you from pursuing your dreams. It is the one who doesn’t love you, but think they are protecting you, that will. It is therefore that simple why your parent will let you go study in China. As much as they love to kiss your forehead every morning. At your house in Santiago. Simple logic. Love is simply love.


At the beginning of this book, the shepherd boy thinks of how much his sheep trust him. He says,

“… They trust me, and they’ve forgotten how to rely on their own instincts, because I lead them to nourishment.”   Paulo Coelho The Alchemist (Kindle Locations 38-39).

This simply means that as much as we are happy and comfortable being provided for by maybe a partner, lover, husband or wife, we should never forget to rely on our instincts, and find a way to have our own resources. Not be too comfortable just because we have a provider. We need to be aware of this.images (2)


In this book, the shepherd boy hated carrying his jacket in summer because it was too heavy. But, always remembered that he only survived the mornings/dawn because he had had that jacket then. Lesson? Always be prepared for change. images (6)Change in all aspects.

  1. It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.
  1. Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.

   6. The World’s greatest lie. – “It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”


“It’s a force that appears to be negative, but actually shows you how to realize your destiny. It prepares your spirit and your will, because there is one great truth on this planet: whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth.” [Paulo Coelho The Alchemist (Kindle Locations 233-235).]

      8. To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only real obligation.                                                      

     9. BEGINNER’S LUCK : Is a force that wants you to realize your destiny; it wets your appetite with a taste of success.”

images (4)

    10. “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,”  [Paulo Coelho The Alchemist (Kindle Locations 485-486).]

Now I have shared the lessons I learned with you, I hope you use them to become a better person!After all,

images (5)

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Yes! I cried at its end and I don’t even know why. But I cried. Was it the plot? The characterization or the talent showed by the cast? The cinematography or what? I don’t know. I must be overly emotional or just too good a person. Because my tears count and I loved this film! This film made me cry. I don’t think I am going to escape saying this very line for almost every film I am going to blog about, but this Film is quite something! Tragedy.

It’s the irony that got me thinking first. A GOOD CATHOLIC GIRL… So here I am thinking that this film is about some zealous catholic girl only to realize that most of the characters are Moslem. Amiina is a good Moslem girl who hopes to become a Good catholic girl because she is in love with Brian and he has never forced her to do anything and etcetera. Yet, Amina is challenged by her father who disagrees with her choice… Find out how it ends.

I won’t be the spoiler but hey, the film is great. I am working on my cinematography eye and I don’t think there is much I would like to point out as a critique.

The plot is incredible, as I even cry when all goes wrong for my Amina. I love Brian, I l am literally in love with every bit of the film. I almost screamed at a certain editor who was destructing me half-way through my concentration.

And this is what got me going about researching about who Matt Bish is. What is the production? Who are his Cast? This film is a 2011 production. Yet still, it transcends all time.  Check it out in the link below or my YouTube Channel where you will find these films. In my other posts, I will be giving details about this director and the entire cast.

As much as there is plenty of annoying film productions out there, there are good ones as well and that fact cannot be ignored.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • Characters: Perfect
  • Language: Excellent
  • VideoGraphy: Excellent.
  • Plot”: Incredible.

As though this is not enough, the story is biographical, based on true tragedies.  And the content is everlasting, designed to transcend one generation to the next. Because it addresses the problems that are not only existent in modern society but have also existed in the past and will in the future.




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If you have watched some Ugandan movies, then you would know what it means to have a movie ruin your day. That moment when you are excited because the title and trailer say so: only to have yourself faint at the screening of the movie. Well, even though the Devil’s Chest has its flaws, it is not one of those films that will make you wish you had stayed in bed.

Apparently Hassan Mageye, this movie’s writer and director, is one of the best directors in East Africa. He is known for movies such as The Tailor (2015), Galz About Town (2015), and Ugandan Pollock (2016). A close informant also mentioned to me that this man must have collected more awards than any other director within the entire East African region.

Take the Devil’s Chest for example. Film got about eleven nominations for the Uganda Film Festival Awards; including:

  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Feature film
  • Best Screen play
  • Movie of the year
  • Best Costume
  • Best Sound
  • Best Editing and post production.

When I first started watching the movie, I got the feeling that this was going to be another replica of Beasts of No Nation. But later it proved me wrong. I could however not avoid the urge to note down a few things that to me were a little off even though these were later over shadowed.

  1. I thought that some of the actors lacked passion. What they said did not correspond with how they said it, if one said to the partner how and why they could rescue  Amon (a character in the movie), they both acted as though there was some refrain.  As though something was holding them on the inside. Telling them not to do what they were saying. In my opinion, there was lack of conviction as of whether they even had the courage to do what they were saying. So I could not develop any personal convictions either. Their passion for rescue was on the surface. Complimented by the body language. I couldn’t feel it any deeper than they said it.
  2. Some lines seemed like stage. Like they had been recited for Drama or stage. I have the audacity to say this because when I personally attended some auditions for acting, one of the judges later revealed to me that what I had done was stage acting. Not film. So from my observation, some of these lines were obviously recited. Not natural. Yet this is film. Not poetry.
  3. The accent of some of the characters was a little off. I do not think this was the intention of the director. But the way the message was delivered made me think so.
  4. I am not a film maker. So this is a question out of curiosity. Perhaps a cinematographer might have a better answer. Was the whole film based on close-up shots? Because as much as I loved the imagery and video-graphy,( believe me this film was good). But hey, I thought some scenes were better off as wide or medium shots. That’s to your judgement. Or leave me an educative note in the comment section.
  5. Local Dialect. Now I wish the film was fully in local dialect. Because like I said before, some of the character’s English made me??? Question the film. The Swahili seemed so natural, plus the other language. Must have been Acholi or Lango or another. But that was fantastic. I loved both the protagonist and Antagonist’s English.

Moving on from that, I think the story was awesome, Choice of Title? Incredible!   I loved the fact that Kony had a heart that loved this woman. His words to her were really deep and touching. (Why did he say to the BBC Press that they did not murder civilians?), the sound or background music was fantastic, the scene where the rebels sing ***We are Matching, killing etc in the will of God was Hilarious. I mean the dark humor was fantastic! So at the end of the day, the beauty of this film washed away all my anguish. And it was a win-win.

Damn! I loved it! Please leave your comment about article or film in the comment section below. And  watch trailer BELOW. Enjoy!

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Ten little things every Christian traveller must always carry.

Well, this may not always be a requirement only the Christian needs but being a Christian blogger, Yes. My list might be a little biased. And I can’t list whatever you need when you travel, but these little things are easy to forget.

  1. Your Bible

As a believer, your life depends on the word. It’s how you grow. The word is your daily meal. This is why you must always carry your Bible with you. It’s for your personal benefit, a reminder of the choice you made when you chose Jesus. (If you are non-Christian, carry the Holly book for your religious dominion) Make sure your choice is portable and comfortable.

2.A thick cotton scarf and a hut. Some people I know think you must be asthmatic to wear a scarf. Honey you’re wrong. Yes. You might be up-to date with the weather forecast, but there is a time you planned to camp in a place only twelve hours but you found yourself staying for 48hours and you hadn’t even planned for day two.

3.A torch. I really don’t need to give you a lecture about this. Just because you come from New York City where every other day you have power doesn’t mean the case is similar allover the globe. As a person who travels a lot within Uganda , I know that not every other little village out there has power. And sometimes it’s just off. So who guarantees that the tent you are crashing at at this particular safari park, has power bright enough to allow you scheme trough your journal or novel? A torch just makes your life easier.

4.A pair of shades. We all know what this means. It shines slot where I come from. Sometimes it’s windy so you need your shades, that you don’t look like you are at the verge of tears. And fashionably, you’re in for a swing. Actually, who says Christians shouldn’t be fashionable?

5.A Christian booklet. Yes. It’s like waiting in a queue for the next person to get whatever they came for at some random store. Or going for some auditions and you have to wait for twenty eight other girls to go before you. You know your lines. So what next? Read that Rhapsody of realities you came with. You need some Divine wisdom in your head right now. You need to know God is working. So this is a traveller’s way. You can’t walk that plain. Come on!

6.A lighter.

Don’t even dare to think that this is about the pack of cigarettes your grand pap has always walked around with ever since he retired. Maybe slightly yes, if you’re travelling with the entire extended family, but this is about your survival during the expedition or scouts trip in the northern Volta. Yes. Just know you will need that fire for some reason.

7. A sweater


8. Simple shoes/ sandals or even sneakers

9. An extra pair of pants. (I advise baggy and comfortable)

10. A pair or two of socks

The reason for all the above is pretty obvious and if you don’t want to believe me, still, just pack them before you set off because sweetheart, believe me you will need each one of them.

Feel free to add another requirement in the comment section below, and enjoy your travels! I am off for mine!

Au revoir!