Letter to my wounded 🐑 sheep; on how to become a warrior 🇺🇬

Dear wounded sheep, Ever heard of what the world likes to call balls? Yes, I am afraid you're gonna need that. My name is warrior and I have been fighting with myself since age six. Atleast that is what I remember. I have been dumb, broken, a loser and a winner all the same. My... Continue Reading →



  Yes! I cried at its end and I don’t even know why. But I cried. Was it the plot? The characterization or the talent showed by the cast? The cinematography or what? I don’t know. I must be overly emotional or just too good a person. Because my tears count and I loved this... Continue Reading →

It was raining, for I could hear the huge drops of the rain on them iron-sheets… I could feel a twinge of pain as I tried to stretch. There is a way in which like a sharp needle, the pain went straight through my back, shook me to the bone marrow, and altered my vision.... Continue Reading →

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